I Can Ski Forever: An Original Musical by Andrew Munz

I Can Ski Forever: An Original Musical by Andrew Munz

Crowd-funded on Kickstarter by both the Jackson Hole community and the ski community at large, "I Can Ski Forever" is a celebration of the ups and downs of the ski town lifestyle. After two popular sketch comedy shows, respectfully titled "I Can Ski Forever" and "I 2 Can Ski Forever", local writer and director Andrew Munz returns with a third iteration, this time a full-on original musical.

Told in two acts with an intermission, "I Can Ski Forever" is a musical comedy that centers around Ben Gelding, a good ole Georgia boy who moves to Jackson Hole for the winter with his buddy Danny. Fortunate smiles on Ben, as he effortlessly lines up housing, a job, and a season ski pass for the mountain, but he quickly learns that not everything is powder days and PBR tall boys. Throughout the play, Ben encounters a wide cast of characters that both enlighten his path and veer him off course, making him come to terms with his life choices while his past continues to haunt him.

Ben must make a choice. Will he forgo his responsibilities to pursue a free-wheeling life of leisure and ski forever? Or will his experiences push him into the predictable life that would make his parents proud?

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