EKOH comes hailing out of Las Vegas, NV where the last thing the city is known for is a hip hop scene. "Nobody has put vegas on the map, thats what im trying to do without conforming to what mainstream tells people to listen to". Boasting heartfelt, true emotional lyrics, along with hard-hitting vicious raps and intricate beats, Ekoh has something that hip hop music hasn't seen in a long time, TRUE PASSION FOR THE ART AND MEANING OF HIP HOP MUSIC. "It's not all about how much money you make and how many bitches you can get.... How is it real to write about that when half the rappers out there dont have a dollar to their name and have been with the same girl for years (or can't pull one at all)? My music is about embracing REAL LIFE, the struggle, the good times, the frustration, the anger, the heartache. It's all real because its all true. I have felt and experienced it all" At only 21 years old, this groundbreaking MC is destined to make his mark in hip hop music. One listen and it is impossible to deny his lyrical skills. And after paying attention to the lyrics, its impossible to deny his ability to put feelings and emotions into words. We have only seen the beginning of what will be the next big thing in Las Vegas, his name is EKOH.

Donnie Menace

Donnie isn't for everybody and he doesn't give a shit. He makes hardcore ,morbid, violent, brutally honest yet humorously witty rap music for the person who likes to hear something different than the monotonous music constantly being force fed to the average consumer through the radio and TV."

Luck Factor Zero

A soulful blend of hip hop inspired production, organic live instrumentation, and witty lyrics. Luck Factor Zero’s track styles are diverse with topics ranging from relationships, pop culture, life, and current events. It is about more than writing songs: it is creating pictures with words and discovering new avenues of expression. This band is anything but novice with over 40 years of combined experience. Recently exploding onto the scene with their first single “Hiphopocrites”, which was their own clever spin on explaining the current state of music. They are currently in the studio finishing their debut album W.O.R.D.S. (What Occurs Randomly Drops Suddenly) set to release in November 2016.

Austin Cain

$8.00 - $20.00


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