Local H is known for their blistering live shows and for pioneering the two-man band set-up -- frontman Scott Lucas covers both guitar and bass through an extra pick up in his guitar and drummer Ryan Harding pounds out the rest of the sound. While they have earned praise in the past for their catalog of clever concept albums, Local H have forgone a singular theme on their most recent album -- Hey, Killer (out April 2015 on G&P Records) -- turning out a non-stop blast of straight-up, hooky, guitar-heavy rock songs -- each one catchier than the last. The band's discography includes seven other studio albums, a live album, and a bunch of EPs and "Straight Outta Zion," a Blu-ray concert video (release date 8/12/16).

Local H's widely praised 1998 concept album Pack Up the Cats earned a spot in SPIN magazine's top 20 albums of that year. The band was named "Chicagoans of the Year" by the Chicago Tribune for their 2008 break-up album, 12 Angry Months, more than a decade after their breakthrough hit "Bound for the Floor" ruled the Modern Rock charts. In 2015, Local H celebrated the 25th anniversary of their first show and released a career-spanning coffee table book, Local H: Twenty-Five Years of Skin In The Game. Earlier this year, they re-issued their 1996 album, As Good As Dead, on vinyl for the first time.

The Fave

Brother and sister Dominick and Jaime Rose Della Fave began playing together more than a decade ago and formed the band, EUGENE, which laid the foundation for THE FAVE...

THE FAVE is an energetic and lively bunch with solid original songs that pay homage to the rockers of the past while exuding a fresh style for today's audience. All members of the band are song writers and singers so THE FAVE offers a show that keeps crowds on their toes and interested while partying to guitar riffs and rhythms, punchy bass lines, crazy drums, and melodic harmonies. Jaime Rose, the front lady, puts forth a strong and ferocious lead vocal on many FAVE tunes. On many other songs she is united with brother Dominick's voice and the results are tight and unique sibling harmonies. Add Dave's voice to the mix and a formidable trio is formed. Rocking drums get audiences attention while bass riffs meld and weave with Dom's guitar style. Dave and Jaime’s energetic and rhythmic strumming on acoustic guitar compliment this. Together, a unique dynamic is created and THE FAVE's sound is born. The result is a rocking modern day version of CSNY to WHOish music. THE FAVE has an amazing and energetic live show and will bring the fuzz to any venue, leaving with more fans than when they came...

Acoustically, The Fave provides a deeper look into their songs, stripping them down and allowing fans to hear the songs through real and raw passion and beautifully intertwined harmonies. Clearly standing out from other bands on concert bills and open mic nights, crowds leave venues wondering why The Fave is not already on the radio or TV. The answer is simple; someone needs to take a chance on a band that doesn’t fit into todays homogenous list of radio dwellers.



Tickets will also be available at the door for $15 if space permits, however, advanced purchase is recommended as this show has a high sell-out risk.

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