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Mustardmind is an NYC-based band formed in February 2015. Although conceived in just the last year, the band has become known for their experimental, atmospheric sound with pop-rock sensibility. With a heavy focus on their live show, Mustardmind makes sure to produce a unique experience at every performance.


ex-mothers is a four-piece band from New York City. Drawing from post-punk, post-hardcore, and pop, the band writes songs that weave the anxiety of urban living, the saturation of the digital age, and a deconstruction of American masculinity into a taut rhythmic narrative. Their live performances combine the efficiency of the Ramones, the angular grooves of Fugazi, and the experimental textures of Sonic Youth.

Color Tongue

Born in the DIY spaces of Brooklyn, psych-pop quartet Color Tongue take a working musician's approach to psychedelic music. Since the group's formation in 2014, Color Tongue have earned a reputation as a frequent and ferocious live act in New York City. However DIY their tendencies may be, that doesn't prevent them from being a capable studio group, as their debut LP Sprouts was recorded entirely by the group themselves in their shared practice space. The album's spikey acid-pop is at once an accurate recreation of Color Tongue's frenetic live sets and a vivid exploration of their imaginative songwriting capabilities, deftly blending absurdist lyrical themes with technicolor soundscapes.


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