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'Benjy Keating listed Vybz Kartel and Alkaline among his influences, but also mentioned religious English composers like Arvo Pärt and John Taverner, plus Ghanaian/Nigerian Afrobeats artist Mr Eazi. ...

His self-released 2014 mixtape, Ascensión, combined some of the superficial textures of PC Music with earnest lyrics, a choral reverence, and Caribbean rhythms. His album Pagan, out in June via Dre Skull's dancehall-focused label Mixpak, simplifies these characteristics even further, sometimes incorporating vivid instrumental interludes that recall ambient and trance. ...

loneliness permeates Pagan. It wasn't surprising to learn that Keating spends a lot of time soaking up poetry; he was reading Rilke at the time of our interview, and named Zimbabwean poet Dambudzo Marechera as an old favorite. Palmistry lyrics can drift from outright darkness (most of my friends suicidal, Keating sings on "Sino," his voice disarmingly sweet) to a reverence for sadness (the chorus of album closer "Sweetness" celebrates the sweetness of malady). There's depression, a desperation to connect, and ultimately: a "fuck it" attitude.' --FADER

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