We came together as friends & We play music as friends.

Formed in 2010, Bears Of Manitou has been working hard playing shows and Just released out debut Full Length Album 'Origins'. Bears Of Manitou has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Rocky Votolato, Dustin Kensrue, Sucre (Eisley and Mute Math) and more...

Bears of Manitou is a 4 piece band creating folk music with an array of musical instruments.

Band Interests
Cooking, Traveling, Tap Dancing, and Whiskey.
We are currently in the studio, and the album release date will be announced beginning of 2012.

Brought together by a mutual passion for turtles, (sidenote: their shells are the equivalent of our ribcages,) anyhoo, where was I? Ah, yes, turtle forums, workshops, souvenirs, chatrooms, viral turtle videos, turtle podcasts, turtle chocolates, yes, such a passionate bond was formed that we felt a mutual need to express our common turtlevision through the art of song. Thus, Ladylike was born. Like a fledgling little terrapin waddling his way towards water, the journey begins.


Micah Bentley is not a new face to this evolved and saturated music industry. Fans have been supporting since he wrote and recorded a local success "My Heart Beats Fast" in 2004. Getting his start as a solo artist came easier than expected as young ladies and their reluctant boyfriends flocked the coffee shops and concert venues of Phoenix, AZ. As he relentlessly strover to improve his songwriting and performance his sound developed to become the inspirational alt. rock sound that all ages and groups could appreciate. Immense full-band songs and choruses with heart capturing melodies were not shy of a Micah Bentley song structure. Doors were opened and he began to work and collaborate with well known artists, producers and songwriters all across the country. In 2008 Micah had the privilege of assuming the lead singer position of some long-time friends' rock band known as A Change of Pace. After 4 incredible years learning the ropes of touring, meeting with label exec's and recording, the band separated giving Micah the opportunity to pick up his solo career where he had left off. Only this time, he's armed with the combination of an unhindered and mature perspective of the industry and a fierce sense of purpose. With a year's worth of songwriting in his pocket and a new album on it's way, Micah intends his music to humbly inspire and install faith that moves us to feel and question the same fears, frustrations and hopes as he does.


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W/ Short Leash Hot dogs to bring their food truck.

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