Parokya Ni Edgar

On March 24. 2017, the popular rock band in the Philippines, PAROKYA NI EDGAR will have their USA TOUR concert in Chicago at 8:00 pm. This band is referred by the local media as “Pambansang Banda ng Pilipinas” (The National Band of the Philippines). They are known for their original rock novelty and often satirical covers of popular songs both local & foreign.

Genre: OPM, Pinoy rock, Alternative rock, Novelty, Funk, Rap rock, Experimental,Ska Punk

Band Members: Chito Miranda, Buhawi Meneses, Vinci Montaner, Darius Semana, Gab Chee Kee and Dindin Moreno ~ Facebook Link = HERE
Follow the USA tour using this hashtag #ParkoyaNiEdgarTour2017

$58.00 - $98.00


For Directions + Parking + Dining + Hotel Discounts please visit the Copernicus Center website. (link opens in new tab)

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