The Binary Sea, Frederick the Younger, Secret Nudist Friends

The Binary Sea

The Binary Sea is the brainchild of Philadephia artist Christian A. Guerrero. Guerrero, veteran of numerous bands, he cut his teeth in the NJ punk scene and rose to noteriety as the original singer of BEDlight for BlueEYES. Their album, The Dawn, has sold over 100k units.

Emotionally and Spiritually drained by the loss of his mother and grandmother to cancer, enduring a brutal divorce, all within the same small timeframe, Guerrero relocated to Philadelphia and began to pen his experiences in an effort to exorcise the shadows that loomed over him. Inspired by the human connection he slowly rediscovered living in the heart of Philadephia, and frustrated by the isolation of living exclusively through social media, he sought to combine aspects of the digital and the organic, influenced by the legends of Motown Soul, the layered affected textures of shoegaze and electro, and the heartfelt sincerity of folk... Guerrero nimbly navigates these many influences into an enormously rich and powerful sound that will send you straight to the dance floor or pining for the one you love. The sound is massive, but the words bleed true. Nothing was held back, and we're all the better for it, bathing in the soundscapes and explosive hooks of their forthcoming release "WARRIOR CODE".

Frederick the Younger

Frederick the Younger's musical personality wavers between groovy vintage pop and dark, sweeping arrangements. The group started as a duo in 2011 when Jenni Cochran (vocals, keys) moved from Vietnam to Louisville, Kentucky and met Aaron Craker (guitar, piano, vocals) in an improv group. After graduating from music school, Aaron performed under the name Dr Vitamin. Jenni saw Dr Vitamin perform and the two became inseparable, meeting everyday at Jenni's parent's house to play music. They quickly garnered attention around Louisville for their pop melodies, unique harmonies and Jenni's lush vocals that harken back to an earlier time. Shortly after bassist Matt Kohorst joined the band in 2014 they changed their name to Frederick the Younger and expanded their sound to include a groovy rhythm section, ethereal piano, violin, and surf guitar. Their first single, "You Don't Lie" came out in June 2015. Their first EP with Frederick the Younger was released on September 25th 2015.

Secret Nudist Friends

Secret Nudist Friends is a psych/garage power trio out of Philadelphia with strong ties to the Brooklyn scene. Their sound is the love child of 60s rock and the modern garage revival, while constantly being inspired by the sounds coming out of Philly and Brooklyn.

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