Dirtwire sits on the back porch of Americana's future, conjuring up a gris-gris of sound with an amalgamation of traditional instrumentation, world-beat percussion, and electronic soundscapes. Comprised of multi-instrumentalist David Satori (Beats Antique) and Evan Fraser (Hamsa Lila; Stellamara), each performance brings the audience to a mysterious crossroads at an imaginative and seductive moment in time. The result is a rebirth of Americana and beacon for a post-millennial return to downhome goodness.

The Dirtwire duo met at the California Institute of the Arts while studying World Music Composition. Both members of other successful music projects – Satori as part of the sensational electronic dynamo group Beats Antique and Fraser at the helm of world groove bands Hamsa Lila and Stellamara – their unique chemistry led to a continued musical friendship throughout the years. In 2012 Satori and Fraser released the debut dirtwire album, attracting everyone from electronic dance junkies to traditional world and roots music toe-tappers. With their first self-titled release, Dirtwire was introduced to the world and a new family was founded.

Following their 2012 debut, an unlikely meeting with Kongar ol Ondar in San Francisco led to the creation of their second release, the Ondar EP, featuring the Genghis blues legend on vocals along with remixes by Dimond Saints and 310 that intertwined the sounds of tuvan throat singing with organic world beats with a tribal dance floor rhythm. Later that year, The Carrier EP was born featuring vocals by Rising Appalachia in the stand-out single, "The Well."

Satori and Fraser get down as Dirtwire at select theater and festival stages across the US and have appeared at festivals including Coachella, Sonic Bloom, Lucidity, Lightning in a Bottle, Rootwire, Oregon Country Fair, Symbiosis + more. You can follow the band on their adventures at twitter.com/dirtwire or fb.met/dirtwiremusic.

Dirtwire members:

David Satori plays: violin, banjo, acoustic guitar, slide guitar, slide banjo, jimbush, kone, guimbri, samples, piano, ilimba, percussion, drums & production.

Evan Fraser plays: kamale n'goni, megaphone, harmonica, lap steel slide guitars, jaw harps, kaen, ilimba, piano, melodica, berimbau, pandeiro, mouthbow, bones, beatbox, zabumba, calabash & percussion.


Subscura is a performance arts collective comprised of multidisciplinary female artists. The troupe is known for using a unique mix of contemporary dance, hip-hop moves, aerial hoop and character theatrics, and they are
trained in numerable other forms of dance and circus arts. Drawing inspiration from the Vancouver electronic music community where they found their roots, the members have collaborated and performed alongside world-class musicians, fashion designers, visual artists and other performance collectives throughout North America.

Mysterious, deep and thought provoking images create suspense in one performance while humorous and uplifting characters appear in the next, as each show is tailored and original. By making each show inclusive and playfully interactive, Obscura excites the audience and redefines the relationship between performer and audience member.

By constantly evolving their diverse skill set and showcasing an ability to collaborate with other artists and audience members alike, the possibilities are endless. From moonlit festival fields to brightly lit stages, Subscura dances...

The daughter of Bostonian jazz musicians, Erica Dee has been saturated in music her entire life. Growing up on the west coast of Canada, she captured her soundscape amongst an eclectic underground hip-hop and DJ culture. Erica began singing with DJs and bands at the age of 18. In her early 20's her desire to understand the full spectrum of her craft propelled her to study music in college alongside new pop sensation Kiesza.

Erica began DJing her live set in 2007, which lead to an invite to write and record in Los Angeles with DJ Nu-Mark of Jurassic 5. That same year she embarked on her first nationwide tour with DJ Shadow and released her classic mixtape 'Golden', which combines 90's R&B flavors with nu house and beat music. She has since captivated audiences from Brazil to Israel, and supported artists such as LiL Kim, Quest Love, Mr. Carmack, Justin Martin, Bassnectar, Mark Farina, Nneka, Thievery Corporation, Collie Budz and many more.

2014 was a big year for Erica, Berlin inspired 6 new releases with producers Nicone, Sasha Bremer & Lars Moston on labels Danze, Suara & King Street. Erica started off 2015 working hard to complete her first solo album, New Skies which will be released with Long Lost Relative, April 29th, 2016. Erica Dee's live show is a refreshing experience; she's an international soulstress that'll lead you to discover the depths of your own heart, swooning you with melody, rhythm, standout acapella segments & tastefully selected productions.

New Skies is a combination of hip-hop beats, modern & vintage soul & classic R&B, mixing live drums & percussion with Analog Synths & Rhodes. The Single "Smile" Produced by Nico Luminous, was released June 15 2015 along with a video. This record was produced by DJ Werd & features DJ Nu Mark, Mr. Lif, Blu Rum & AIma the Dreamer.

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