Courtney Marie Andrews

Courtney Marie Andrews

Courtney Marie Andrews is an American singer/songwriter. Originally from the Valley of the Sun, in Arizona, she caught the traveler's bug and packed up her van and headed North to Seattle, where she currently resides. No matter where she calls home, she is truly a child of the open road. From greyhound buses across the US, to motorbikes in Indonesia, to trains across Europe, Courtney is a storyteller at heart, and her colorful life is often reflected in the words she sings. She believes art is truly a reflection of life. Her songs are timeless modern classics. The characters in her songs are relatable and real. Courtney sings with feeling, from somewhere deep within. Some might call her roots country, but really she’s just full of the sounds of America. A bit Appalachian, a bit Rocky Mountain, and a bit of her own thing, Courtney Marie Andrews has the rambler’s range and the troubadour’s sincerity. Her guitar work and softly-applied melodies will remind listeners of bygone eras in American music, bringing back floods of emotions.

Gold Star’s Marlon Rabenreither grew up in L.A. with a native son’s sense of what’s real and true and a childhood fascination with the Beatles, teaching himself to write and play a special kind of stark guitar-noir Americana that soon got him opening for Ryan Bingham and an admiring Lucinda Williams. On his new Autumn Tone release Big Blue—named after the ramshackle Hollywood home where he produced and recorded the album—he shines and redefines the sound of his self-titled 2013 EP and his 2015 full-length Dark Days to reveal an autobiographical work as influenced by writers like Fante, Baldwin and Chandler as it is Neil Young, Leonard Cohen, Wilco or Elliott Smith. If you didn’t know better, you’d think it wasone of those lost classics—but really it’s just a long letter from a young singer/songwriter both weary and wise beyond his years.



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