Imperial Fall

IMPERIAL FALL is an American hard rock/alternative metal band that hails from
Southeastern Wisconsin.
Formed in 2012, these pro musicians from Wisconsin area bands, create a
powerful sound of heavy grooves, tight riffs, strong vocals, and dark lyrics.


80's and 90's Thrash Metal

Stradlin' Rosie

Cold Kingdom

Cold Kingdom was created to be a full-out, juggernaut hard rock band and with their first released album, "The Moon and the Fool," they achieved their goal. Originating in Minneapolis, June of 2014, Cold Kingdom was formed by members of local rock bands from the twin cities area to construct a lethal combination of fury, rock, and emotion.

In their first years of performing live, they've had the experience of playing with well-known acts such as Buckcherry, Saving Abel, Puddle of Mudd, Saliva, Nonpoint, as well as festival slots on Northern Invasion, RockFest and Summerfest. This is, of course, because of their distinctive sound and unfailing drive to play energy-filled shows every time they walk on stage. The singles "Crash Poet," "Let it Burn," and "Surrender" quickly have become fan favorites and have lyrical and live footage videos online that are rising in popularity every day. Their album "Moon and the Fool" can be played from front to back, over and over again because of its angry and sentimental lyrics wrapped in an unbreakable hard rock casing.

Each member of the Cold Kingdom brings something diverse and fresh to the table. Dani, Evan, Jason, Zac, and Chris all work 9-5 jobs. They knew that being in a touring band means sacrifice is a given, and they have poured themselves into their music for everyone's ears. They are all willing to pay that price for their fans and their love of music. When you see them at shows, you can tell they are a close nit family that is open to making new fans and friends a-like. Their easy-going off stage personas help to make approaching them at their merchandise booth or bar easy because of their love for their music and the ones who support it. They would also love to accept the free shot you are offering them.

Just like many up and coming groups in the scene, Cold Kingdom had a large, unfortunate bump in the road at the beginning of October 2015. They lost a trailer due to thievery: a trailer that was filled with a majority of their equipment and merchandise. They didn't lose their passion or their drive to move on as a band, though. They continue to move forward looking to bring on new challenges, new venues, and new fans even if it is with missing, borrowed, or donated gear. They were surprisingly able to miss only two shows (which they are still bitter about) because they wanted to play for their fans and wouldn't be brought down by devastating situations. Because that's what it's all about to Cold Kingdom: you the fan. The Midwest is their home, but they want to play all around the country for fresh faces and maybe just make a new fan or 100.

In late October of 2015, Electro-Voice and ColdCock Whiskey became sponsors of Cold Kingdom. They are blessed every day because of it and would love to talk your ears off about how wonderfully remarkable these companies are. They are also thankful to the friends, family, fans and bands that went out of their way and contributed to them to help replace the losses they had. Cold Kingdom is forever thankful to these incredible people and would like to thank them again for their generosity and sympathy.

Cold Kingdom released their first feature music video "Crash Poet" in December 2015. They are extremely proud of the response to the video and all the positive reaction to it.



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