BRB Blues Rock Band

BRB Blues Rock Band

BRB was formed on October 22nd 2013 when 4 lifelong friends decided to get together once a week and play some music. With no pressure or deadline for when they would be ready to perform live they spent the next year picking their music, not by what was most popular but by songs they like by artist they admired and respected. Some of the music they picked is by well-known artist while others are by little known groups. Their song selection are a collaboration of all 4 band members tastes in music and all fall into the blues rock genre. While band members Jerry Ricchio, Dave Ricchio & Bob Bojcic all have many years of experience performing, lead singer Ronn Brown is new to the band scene and being a huge fan of music he has always had the upmost respect and admiration for musicians! BRB considers themselves a work in progress and their goal is that their audience enjoy listening to their music as much as they enjoy playing it!



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