The Alexander Noice Sextet

The Alexander Noice Sextet

Known for his highly personalized style of composition, which organically draws from rock, jazz, classical, and electronic music; composer and guitarist Alexander Noice has been singular musical force in the Los Angeles creative music scene for the past decade. Having performed extensively in Europe, Japan, Australia, and South America with a myriad of ensembles, Noice's eclectic musical output has made him a distinguishable artist locally and abroad.
His latest project, The Alexander Noice Sextet, an inimitable modern ensemble melding the worlds of classical minimalism and contemporary opera with rock and jazz; has made a notable impact on the Los Angeles music scene with their stunning live performances. With an affinity towards Reich-like minimalism, Stravinskyan episodic shifts, and lyrical melodic sensibilities derived from the pop worlds of the Talking Heads and David Bowie; Noice creates a sound with his ensemble that defies any pre conceived genre. The Alexander Noice Sextet is set to record in the summer of 2016 for their debut release in 2017.

"uncategorizable guitar phenom" -LA Weekly

"known for its sudden shifts from Balkan melodies to abstract modern music to full-on punk rock, all within seconds of one another. The music sounds like a DJ’s crazy, psychedelic remix, only the sextet is doing everything live" -LA Weekly

A new project from Stefanie Drootin (The Good Life, Big Harp, Bright Eyes) and Chris Senseney (Big Harp), Umm finds the couple dreamy, raw and slack as fuck, draping vintage harmonies and shards of fuzz over grounded, primitive rhythms and simple, aching pop melodies. Like the Everly Brothers and Suicide smoking cigarettes in bed and listening to the Breeders, but dual-gendered and neither naive nor pretentious. (Chris and Stef’s other project Big Harp has earned acclaim for releases on Saddle Creek, Fat Possum and Majestic Litter, ranging from literate folk to kaleidoscopic thrash-pop, as well as being lauded for their energetic live shows in the US and Europe.)

Media Jeweler

Media Jeweler arose as a veritable phoenix out of the ashes of a revolving-door big band following an unexpected but celebratory funeral pyre supporting A Hawk and A Hacksaw in LA. Calls were made and within two weeks a leaner and decidedly meaner entity emerged, outlook fresh.

2 years later, "$99 R/T Hawaii" aims to capture the relentless restlessness of being alive on this increasingly weird and overstimulating planet. It was recorded and mixed in a casual and really quite nice three-day session during the dawn of spring at Machines with Magnets by Seth Manchester and Keith Souza (Battles, Lightning Bolt, etc.). It was mastered a week later by XOQ (Liars, Factory Floor, Martin Gore, etc.). The mood varies drastically on each of the seven tracks that make up the narrative of the album. We celebrated its completion with a few dozen jello shots at the local watering hole where we witnessed a man with a voice like crushed charcoal yell and storm out while Kid Rock's deepest cuts droned.

Please note that MJ prefers to be referred to as a Rock Band full-stop, jubilantly taking into consideration all the trappings and tropes associated with Rock music. The nuance lost with the variety of modifying adjectives that can precede "Rock" is priceless.

While the underground and DIY music zeitgeist seems to be shifting to the more de rigueur palette of cold synths and hot beats, the poor guitar seems often to be seen as a vestige of something that has seen its moment in the sun and belongs on a wall or in a dumpster. Perhaps it does.

We embrace this. Everything always must come full circle; inversion is key in development, and moving forward is all that one can do.



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