Eric McEntee

Eric McEntee

"The work of L.A. songwriter Eric J. McEntee stokes the fires kindled by ’70s folk and pop song artists whose lush, clarion songs are easy on the ears, if hard on the heart."

Born in California, schooled in New York City; Eric McEntee began writing songs almost as soon as he picked up a guitar and has written and performed regularly since. Busking in Paris, New York and California... His songwriting grew out of a devout interest in Folk Music: the glorious passage of songs nameless and ancient into whatever they might become…

The songs McEntee himself writes often carry the echo of another era but actually make subtle reference to a past that may have been lost, lost songwriters and songs alike, which informs his approach. Through his voice and guitar playing, McEntee is in numerous ways, a link to what he listens to most: The 1960's Greenwich Village Songwriter Milieu and countless other songwriters he discovered along the way that seemed forgotten by history: Bread, Love and Dreams, Rodriguez, Val Stoecklein, John Stewart to name a few…

With an ear toward writing something almost forgotten of his own, he previously self-released two EP’s; those who heard them were often stunned by the clarity of production and the songwriting form which seemed to be held some 50 years away... Time changes everything, but McEntee still holds to a simple practice where the only thing that matters is the song. The craft of songwriting seems perfectly analogous to discuss the mysteries, discoveries and nature at work in both life and music for him; one reflects the other. He's currently based in California.

Naomi Greene

With powerful scenic presence, the French-American singer-songwriter performs with authentic rawness and expressivity. On the edge of rock, but with mesmerizing melodic richness, her songs are unusual and sometimes experimental, but always with a catchy hook. Whether on harp or electric guitar, her elegant simplicity catapults remorseless yet compassionate lyrics straight to the heart of those who hear her.

Jacaranda is the musical brainchild of bassist, singer, and composer Eliana Athayde. The brand new project has a self-released EP titled "Crunchy Leaves" which fuses together Athayde's broad musical influences, from Duke Ellington to Jeff Buckley, to brazilian music to Bach.

Nicole Eva Emery

With a sound shaped from surf/garage rock, dreampop, postpunk and gothic americana, Nicole Eva Emery's music rearranges genres while treading between lightness and depth. Inevitably influenced by her dual career as an ER trauma nurse and working musician, Emery's writing brings a unique perspective and intimacy to familiar themes of love, loneliness, loss, and wanderlust.
Her anticipated debut album is set for release in Spring 2017 and is produced with Rick Parker (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Lord Huron). It's a long time coming from this Los Angeles-based artist, who after years of touring (she plays bass for Aussie duo The Black Ryder and English duo The Big Pink) and writing in her home studio, is ready to bring her alternately driving and ethereal guitar/synth-driven songs to the foreground.



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