Austin Allsup

Austin Allsup

Austin Allsup is offering his third album "Sink or Swim". This project was completed with singing, songwriting producer extraordinaire and Red Dirt giant Mike McClure. "Sink or Swim" is being released independently and our first taste of the new album is the debut single "Some Days", The words that come to mind when listening to the single "Some Days"are soulful, heartfelt and inspiring. Austin's power vocals supported by first class players provides an uplifting approach to tough times. No matter where you are in life, you can't help but feel better after singing along to this tune. It truly replenishes the soul and isn't that what music is really about?

"Sink or Swim" is 11 tracks of great music that embodies Country, Rock, Blues and an original vibe that can't be described with mere words. This is a great album and proves that independent, self- penned music is where it is!

Kevin McCoy
Program Director
95.9 The Ranch Fort Worth Texas

Josh Halverson

When singing, the human voice carries much more than just the words it speaks. It carries the land it grew up on, the people it grew up with, and the accent it was born into. A voice can speak to the sound of the land. On his Americana album, One Shot, Texas songwriter Josh Halverson beautifully channels the wide-open vistas of his home roots in the Texas panhandle. His luminous voice rings clear over these audio landscapes, resonating with unusual clarity and honesty. It's a voice you'll remember, from a young songwriter poised to move into the national spotlight. "Just give me one shot/to show you who I am" he sings on the title track, and after listening to Josh Halverson's new album, you will feel like you know him.

Growing up the son of a cattle rancher and a Sioux Indian, Halverson's a true native son of Texas. Although he had played piano since the age of five, he had no plans to pursue a career in music until he was captivated by a Al Green performance while attending college. Years later, Halverson still clearly remembers the epiphany he experienced that night: "Green was so transparent onstage, as if he put his heart and soul on the table for the audience to see. I thought to myself, 'This is what I'm supposed to do with my life.'" The day after the concert, Halverson began teaching himself the guitar and started writing his own songs. Now living in the woods outside of Denton, Texas, Halverson's proved himself to be an uncommonly adept songwriter. Charting the bounds of the human heart, he approaches time-honored topics like heartbreak and devotion with a sense of hard-won innocence. And that's the seeming paradox at the core of his music: the tension between bitter wisdom and the need to preserve a sense of wonder at the world.

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