Pain Of Salvation, Turning Virtue

Pain Of Salvation

Pain of Salvation is a Swedish progressive rock band headed by Daniel Gildenlöw; the band's lyricist, chief composer, guitarist, and lead vocalist. Their sound is characterised by powerful, accentuated guitar work, broad vocal range, abrupt switching between heavy and calm passages, intense syncopation, and polyrhythmic experimentation. Another trademark of the band is that each album is a concept album. Some of the topics addressed in the band's albums include sexuality, war and its effect on family and humanity, environmental issues (such as nuclear power), the forming of the individual, and the nature of God, humankind, and existence.

Turning Virtue

Prog rock can be prone to wild mood swings and Turning Virtue exhibit this rather swimmingly on their full length A Temporary Human Experience. Within one song, they easily sway between quixotically romantic, sneeringly sinister, and pensively ponderous while keeping a certain sense of no-frills rock ‘n’ roll at their core; a feat almost unheard of in modern prog. That’s not to say they really sacrifice the virtuoso flourishes so beloved by fans of the genre but rather they temper it with some straightforward impact.

A Temporary Human Experience was produced by Tim Palmer who’s worked with the likes of Tin Machine, Gene Loves Jezebel, and the Mission UK and features Mark Zonder on drum duties, so there’s no shortage of credentials going into the record. Yet, Turning Virtue inevitably prove to fans of prog and melodic rock ‘n’ roll alike that they don’t really need the cred. Rather, the music speaks for itself - Magic Monster X

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