The Silence Album Release Party

The Silence

dir. Ingmar Bergman, Sweden, 1963, 35mm, 95 mins, b/w, Swedish w/ English subtitles

Two sisters – the sickly, intellectual Ester and the sensual, pragmatic Anna – travel by train with Anna's young son Johan to a foreign country seemingly on the brink of war. Attempting to cope with their alien surroundings, the sisters resort to their personal vices while vying for Johan's affection, and in so doing sabotage any hope for a future together. Regarded as one of the most sexually provocative films of its day, Ingmar Bergman's The Silence offers a brilliant, disturbing vision of emotional isolation in a suffocating spiritual void.

Neil Nathan

UK's No Ripchord Magazine calls Neil "the bastard step-child of Jackson Browne and David Bowie." And Canada's Snob's Music says 'the tunes are so sugary, they'd give Matthew Sweet a toothache."

Huffington Post calls his new Jumpstart music video, "a bizarre good time."

Neil's debut LP, The Distance Calls, was produced by Detroit Garage Rock Hero Bobby Harlow (King Tuff, The Go) and featured musicians from QOTSA, The Dead Weather, and Detroit Cobras.

That record featured Neil's cover of ELO's "Do Ya," which so impressed rock n roll hall of famer, Jeff Lynne, that he gave his blessing for it to appear on Showtime's Californication Soundtrack. The song is also in regular rotation on Sirius/XM's The Coffeehouse.

The Distance Calls also included "California Run," which has been featured on ESPN and NHL Network, and is spun live at San Francisco Giants home games. Neil's friend and former roommate, actress Rosario Dawson, guest starred in the music video.

Neil's new LP, Sweep The Nation, was debuted on Seattle's KEXP. It's been called a "scintillating master work" and a "crunchy hard rocking masterpiece." It's garnered features in Magnet Magazine and The Vinyl District, who both called the record "Impressive."

Travel Lanes

Travel Lanes was created on a whim.....or a series of whims. Answering, or commenting to a Craigslist ad, led to the formation of the group. Four guys deciding to meet in a room to play music was an accomplishment in itself. A well-received EP was quickly recorded over the space of a year in 2013.

With comparisons made to the sound of The Replacements, Elvis Costello, Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, Nick Lowe and Graham Parker, Travel Lanes combines a mix of power pop and rock, with hooks, lyrics, melodies and harmonies.
Another full length record under our belt landed us in The Philadelphia Inquirers' top 10 Philly records of 2015, and we have happily managed to continue to write new music, play multiple shows with guest musicians, and we even have some surprises up our sleeves for 2016 and beyond. Stay tuned…

The Donuts

Much like their culinary namesake, the Donuts embrace and, at times, contrast the notion that they are nothing more than musical empty calories. You can't resist them even though you know that they are bad for you. When it's all over, you will be disgusted with yourself for having succumb to the fleeting pleasures that they provided.

The Donuts consist of dime-store musical savant J. Bearclaw, drunken stumblebum Johnny Taint, the enigmatic Peter Extravaganza and an impeccably coifed UFO/Hot Chocolate devotee simply named Fathead ("One name, just like Cher!" enthuses Fathead). The plan to form the 'Nuts was hatched when Bearclaw, Taint, and Fathead attended an AC/DC concert in the spring of 2001. In an epiphany similar to the one that knocked Saint Paul on his ass on the road to Damascus, the boys were overcome with a vision of the perfect rock band: equal parts marketing, fashion sensibility and Mickey's malt liquor ©. Fathead would provide the powerhouse drumming and Bearclaw and Taint would supply vocals and guitar. ("Taint is like a combination of Bob Dylan and Lou Reed, and that's just his singing!" raves Fathead.) The combo was rounded out when Chuck Vadge was brought aboard to play bass, notwithstanding his near total lack of musical ability. Twelve weeks later, however, Chuck Vadge was replaced by Peter Extravaganza. ("Chuck had absolutely no experience playing the bass when he joined the 'Nuts; Peter comes to the band with a good three months of bass playing under his belt!" gushes Fathead.)

It has been suggested that there are strong similarities between the 'Nuts and another band of fiery young upstarts once known as the Beatles, with the prodigiously talented Bearclaw as a Paul McCartney figure, Fathead in the role of Pete Best, and Peter Extravaganza and Johnny Taint as dueling Stu Suttcliffs. Despite their ability to craft simple, energetic, hook-laden songs, the music is not this band's main focus. "We hope that this band will be a triumph of merchandising over music," says Taint. "Hey, who the f*#@!k took the last beer?!?!" added Bearclaw.

So there you have it. Too inept to truly be considered power pop, and too melodic to be considered garage rock, the Donuts are simply a great band that defies categorization. Prepare to be confounded by this rock and roll colossus. And please have your money ready.



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