Marco from Inspector Gadje and Zjelko from Kafana Balkan bring you a new party for local bands.

Bang Data's sound is a stylistic mash-up of Latin, Reggae and Hip Hop evoking memories of music we grew up with at home, while offering a futuristic perspective. Considered by the industry and their colleagues alike as distinctly influential and forward-looking, Bang Data is a much-sought after collaborator for both established and emerging musicians here in the Bay and abroad. Fronted by MC Deuce Eclipse and producer/musician Juan Manuel Caipo, their musical foundation is beat and melody grounding Deuce's soulful bilingual lyrics. Bang Data released 3 full length albums and are currently recording their fourth album to be released in spring 2017.

For the past 11 years LoCura has crafted their own unique musical identity: "Kalifas Mestizo Music". (need description) The band's name ("it cures it") reflects their ethos of making music a remedy, a theme which permeates lyrics such as "la cultura cura la locura," cultures cures the madness. Vocalist Kata Miletich, expanding on the group's influences, notes "One big inspiration for the ways we consciously and unconsciously connect different music is this idea that styles and rhythms travel from Africa, Europe stretching across the Americas and mixing with indigenous sounds. Culture is alive in so many different ways, and shows up in different places to tell a story." LoCura has released three full length albums, performed in many places around the world and is currently writing and recording music for their fourth album.


Audiopharmacy is a live world hip-hop ensemble that inspires to make music that is unique & avant-garde, yet always speaks the language of the people. Extending its repertoire beyond the genre, Audiopharmacy intricately fuses together inspiration from all corners of the earth with global musical styles, live instrumentation, turntablism, electronics, soulful poetics & technical lyricism that stirs insight, healing and consciousness.

Audiopharmacy has been strongly rooted in community for over 15 years. Domestically, Audiopharmacy has performed all over the West Coast, New York, Washington D.C. and New Mexico, while internationally, the band has taken the stage at festivals, concert halls, clubs, cultural centers, orphanages, schools, and US Embassy events in Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Holland, France, the UK, Japan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Samoa, New Zealand (Aotearoa), Fiji, the Solomon Islands, Ecuador, Morocco, Oman, Cyprus and Tanzania. In both 2013 and 2014, Audiopharmacy was chosen out of 300 bands nationwide for their musical excellence and educational capability as US Music and Cultural Ambassadors for the American Music Abroad Program by American Voices and U.S. Department of State’s Office of Educational and Cultural Affairs. The band successfully fostered cross-cultural engagement and understanding through their music, performances, workshops and daily interactions, and was awarded the Mayoral Proclamation by the City & County of San Francisco upon returning home from their first tour.

DJ Zeljko

Spinning the funnest Roma music around!


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