Tall Tall Trees

Tall Tall Trees

The man behind Tall Tall Trees is Mike Savino, a pioneer in the the world of experimental and psychedelic banjo music. If you've seen Kishi Bashi live over the last several years, chances are you've already seen this insane banjo virtuoso playing in K's band, and perhaps opening the show. Often performing solo, Savino’s modern take on the one-man band involves running his homemade instrument, dubbed the "Banjotron 5000" through a slab of effects and loopers, bowing, drumming, and strumming out multi-textured arrangements to support his lyrically driven songs.

Savino is currently prepping the release of his third full length Tall Tall Trees record, which is slated for release in February 2017.


Embarking on a new solo project Bucks County, PA based singer-songwriter Chris Archibald is creating music under the new moniker Archawah, his first endeavor as a solo artist. For Archibald a solo career will be a slight departure from his current stint with the indie-rock eclectics Illinois where he first published his works and has showcased his skills in creating genre rich music from indie-folk-rock to suburban soul for more than a decade. This genre spanning diverseness remains with Archawah for he has an assorted musical palette steeped in indie-rock but he can skillfully take on a wide array of genres with confidence and purpose. Wanting to show the world what it sounds like when Chris Archibald goes it alone Archawah is more than prepared for the opportunity.

TJ Smith And The Wild North

TJ Smith and the Wild North play a blend of folk, Americana, soul, and blues. TJ Smith has played/toured with various rock bands in the past but has settled in to this solo project with with an eagerness to get back to his roots. Siting influences such as The Tallest Man on Earth and Iron and Wine, TJ Smith and the Wild North is the foundation from which TJ intends to create the music he loves.

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