Hub City Stompers, The Commonwealth, Unruly Boys, No Anger Control

Hub City Stompers

Hub City Stompers hail from the "hub city" of New Brunswick, NJ. The band was founded and formed by Rev Sinister, former vocalist/frontman for NJ Ska band Inspecter 7. After i7 had gone into a dormant state in 2001, RevSin, still bloodthirsty for making and performing music, went on the hunt to form a new band and in the summer of 2002 HCS was born. In the wasteland of the seemingly "dead" ska scene of the time, these necromaniacs romanced ska's rotted corpse, playing for the love of music rather than the popularity of it, and formed a force to be reckoned with in the New Jersey music scene.

Embracing various styles and eras of ska from the 60's through the 80's, and adding reggae, punk, oi!, hardcore, and even hip-hop, jazz and classical influences, they manage to avoid a typical, formulaic ska sound and steer clear of cliché poppy ska lyrics.

Hub City Stompers' line up currently consists of ex-members of bands such as Inspecter 7 (the entire band having made up the bulk of the Inspecter 7 lineup through 2013), Bigger Thomas, Professor Plum, Predator Dub Assassins, Bomb Town, and The Heavy Beat.

Proudly roaming the no-man's-land between the popular ska-core world and the elitist trad-ska world, Hub City Stompers choose to entertain and offed everyone equally and stick to their underground roots. Allied with all in this underground, they share the stage with ska, reggae, oi! Punk, and hardcore bands alike.

With 5 albums and several national and international tours under their boots, HCS is ready to bring their special brand of Dirty Jersey Hooligan Ska to all.

The Commonwealth

We're four working class dudes who make working class music.

Unruly Boys

featuring members of No Power and Extermination Rite

No Anger Control

When anger emanates from every pore in your body, and you bleed rage from the darkest crevices of your just might need; NO ANGER CONTROL! Since 2012 we have been replacing anger management meetings with a face full of punk to calm your inner demons. Rage on!



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