Flower Girl Record Release!

Flower Girl

"A jumble of slippery sweet country-bumble jangles, catchy hooks and sincere refrains, these kids charm their way into your stereo and onto your couch. Like the warm fuzzy feel of newly-washed sheets or the first cool sip of a slurpee on the fourth of July, Flower Girl satiate that nagging need for something simple and heartfelt. Go ahead, let them eat your leftovers, they deserve it."


Music theory will never be the same. Garage/punk from Nashville, TN

Plains is the moniker for the home-recorded songs from Travis Swinford. As a 4 piece live band, Plains bangs out seductively jittery rock n roll. Time melts into a puddle as the drilling drum beats and smooth psych hooks help you simultaneously forget and fall in love with the world. It's a sidewalk growing into a zoo–a no-brainer.

The New Ones

Indie/rock/pop/Alt-country project of Andrew Gordon Aylward



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