Geordie Kieffer March Residency with MainMan, Mercury Wheel, Split Party, DJ Andy Warren from The Mowgli's

Geordie Kieffer

Geordie Kieffer is on a mission to infuse the scene with grit, groove, and sexual satire. The impish self-proclaimed "little bad motherfucker” who trades online as @badboygirlygirl draws influence from both his questionable past and the city-wide playground of his L.A. hometown. His sound is something you've never heard before: An alternately comedic and dark romp through R&B and Electro with occasional dives into the classics. Geordie’s music will inspire fist fights and flirtation, anger and elation - and straight up melodic infatuation. The Agro-Pop adventurer's imagination shines through in the delightfully twisted music video for his first single "Red Line” - a high energy, drug fueled ride through the American dream.

Dwelling somewhere between the grandiose rock of Pink Floyd, the experimental staccato of Built To Spill and the shuffling funk of Earth, Wind & Fire lies MainMan, a Southern California quartet born from frustrated prior incarnations and longtime friendship. Their debut EP “Mistaker” released Mar. 3 2017 features the first single “W.W.H.” is a “...true departure from the ordinary.” (President of Showbiz). Singer Morgan Demeter’s plaintive and urgent vocals alternately soothe and jar as he wrestles with themes ranging from understanding the human experience to examining the relationships that both comfort and torture us. Backed by former Bear On Fire members Chris Mintz-Plasse and Nick Chamian, and The Hammerhead's Ryan Dean, Demeter’s melodies float among ethereal yet strangely familiar tones. Indeed what truly draws you into MainMan’s songs is their musicality; originality and knack for making the unpredictable seem effortless.

Split Party is a duo consisting of David Appelbaum (keyboard, samples) and Andy Warren (drums). Hailing from Los Angeles, CA, Split Party takes all of your favorite hit songs, and mashes them up into a psychedelic, high energy dance party. Imagine Girl Talk, but with live instruments playing over the mind bending, groove heavy arrangements. One moment you’re dancing to Britney Spears Toxic, smashed up with Blur’s Song #2, and then before you know it, they’re bending space and time combining MSTRKFT with The Talking Heads and Jimmy Eat World. Any genre is fair game: funk, pop, hip hop, even video game music. Their live set fits comfortably in the EDM/DJ world, while offering a unique spin with their live, instrumental elements. Having come as members of the rhythm section for the popular alternative band The Mowgli's, they're sound also comes inherently connected to the world of rock and roll. Split Party’s mission is simple: get lost with us in the music. Dance, sing, laugh. After all, as the name implies, it’s a party, and you’re all invited.


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