Hideout January Residency

Hideout January Residency

Hideout began as a recording project. The majority of "Rookie" was recorded while on the road with Cults. Rodriguez took advantage of the downtime by tracking songs in hotel rooms or at friends' homes. Fast-forward to the forthcoming "So Many Hoops. . ." –– mixed by Loren Humphrey (Nice As Fuck, Guards, The Gloomies) at Stockholm Syndrome Sound Studio in Bushwick, NY –– the recording process was far more linear than "Rookie". The album evolved predominantly at Rodriguez's apartment while the surrounding turmoil of loss sunk in. Emotionally charged, he turned to the art of songwriting & storytelling to help navigate through the many answerless questions. Now a fully realized band, Hideout has been performing live with a rotating cast of New York musicians over the past year. It's just the beginning.

With her 3-piece band, New York based Wilsen blends contemporary folk songs with ethereal, electric arrangements to create a full and intricate sound tagged 'dream folk.' She released her debut LP Sirens on July 25th 2012. Available now at sirensofthedawn.com

"Sirens vibrates in a way that I associate only with Sufjan Stevens' 2004 gold-star Seven Swans: enigmatic and restrained. WILSEN manage to be so patient, every musical move so careful that it almost feels like you aught to not move while listening. There's a darkness equally with that fragility and the instrumentation is at the beck and call of the negative spaces in all the songs. It is space that need not be filled, but indeed is intoxicating for repeated listens." (Mila Matveeva - Listenbeforeyoubuy.net)

Surf Rock is Dead

Originally hailing from Chicago and Melbourne, Australia, Kevin Pariso and Joel Witenberg--together Surf Rock is Dead--embody the beachiness of their namesake's genre through a new wave filter. Praised by Noisey and EARMILK, the duo's captivating live show is crashes over you in the best way possible.

$7.00 - $8.00


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