Echoes West

Echoes West

Echoes West - A rock and psych music festival curated by Sasha Vallely (LA LUNA'S/THE SILVER CHORDS/SPINDRIFT), Kelly Kathleen (LA LUNA'S) & The Echo in Los Angeles

Dead Meadow's unique marriage of Sabbath riffs, dreamy layers of guitars fuzz bliss, and singer Jason Simon's high-pitched melodic croon have wond over both psychedelic pop/rock and stoner-rock fans alike. Although the band's members met while attending all-ages punk shows in and around Washington D.C.'s punk/indie scene, the trio's sound draws more of their sound from such classic rock legends as Pink Floyd and Black Sabbath. The trio formed in the fall of 1998 out the ashes of local indie rock bands The Impossible Five and Coulour by singer-guitarist Jason Simon, bassist Steve Kille, and drummer Mark Laughlin. The three members set out to fuse their love of early 70's hard rock and 60's psychedelia with their love of fantasy and horror writers J.R.R. Tolkien and H.P. Lovecraft. ~ Rick Kutner, All Music Guide

Lords Of Altamont

A modern version of the sound championed by The Stooges, MC5 and other 60's American Garage Rock bands, with a dash of The Doors style psychedelic keyboards.

Strawberry Alarm Clock

The Strawberry Alarm Clock 2012!, The Strawberry Alarm Clock occupies a peculiar niche in the history of '60s rock. Their name is as well known to anyone who lived through the late-'60s psychedelic era as that of almost any group one would care to mention. Their 1967 #1 major hit, "Incense and Peppermints," is virtually today's tonal equivalent of a Summer of Love flashback! Originally on the UNI label, the Southern California based Alarm Clock band generated 4 LP's and numerous 45's from '67 to '71. The band had reformed on several occasions to make an attempt to re-create the original magic of it's "patented" Alarm Clock '60's sound. Their original goal eluded them until 2007, when they re-united again with most of the original members! Only this time, thanks to the help of the bands close friend and mentor Steve Bartek, they managed to achieve their original goal. Their new CD, "Wake up where you are", is now available for your enjoyment. Don't miss this cool collector's item! Behold and listen... Digital or live, don't miss it. The SAC is back!


Sleep ∞ Over was formed in early 2010 in Austin TX. With a few rough demos recorded live on a handheld tape recorder, the band (consisting at the time of Stefanie Franciotti and former members Christa Palazzolo and Sarah Brown) quickly attracted the attention of the esteemed Night People label who released the first Sleep ∞ Over EP on cassette. Although the tape came during a flood of hazy lo-fi releases, Sleep ∞ Over's melodically-driven aesthetic rose to the top of the saturated genre. Boutique vinyl label Light Lodge also released a song from the Night People tape on a split 7" with fellow Austin band Pure X. In spring 2010, the band pulled their poignant melodies and classic pop song structures out of the murk and released a lush and expansive sounding group of songs on a 7" for Forest Family records which sold out in less than a week.

In summer 2010, Sleep ∞ Over did East and West Coast tours and continued to build on the intense infatuation that listeners of a wide range of styles seem to have with the band's fragile yet powerful energy. Everything was in place and it seemed a natural fit that the Hippos in Tanks label would release Sleep ∞ Over's highly awaited debut LP. However, just prior to the recording session, two members left the band. It would have been very easy for Sleep ∞ Over to dissolve entirely as so many bands tend to do when put under a magnifying glass, but Stefanie Franciotti had no intention of slowing down or even missing a beat.

Mixing the dusty, cinematic soundscapes of old spaghetti-western films with the mind-expanding Psych Rock of modern practitioners like The Dandy Warhols and Brian Jonestown Massacre (not to mention drone forefathers The Velvet Underground), L.A.'s Spindrift makes music that sounds like what one would hear while tripping in the desert on a vision quest.

Originally formed by singer/songwriter/guitarist Kirpatrick Thomas as two bands — an East Coast Rock one and a West Coast version more in line with Thomas' Ennio Morricone jones — the frontman bled all of the influences into one and dropped anchor in California, forming a seven-piece band (including former BJM and Warlocks members) to re-create the spooky Old West sounds in his head. The unique hybrid caught the ears of Sex Pistols' guitarist Steve Jones early, leading him to champion the band on his popular L.A. radio show. Since then, Spindrift has worked songs into movie soundtracks — most notably the indie The Legend of God's Gun, in which the band's music plays a starring role — and are currently enjoying success with The West, the band's first album for the Dandy Warhols' Beat the World label.

- Mike Breen Citybeat

The feature film "The Legend of God's Gun" was officialy released on July 29th 2008.

Listen for Spindrift's song Indian Run in Quentin Tarantino's new movie entitled Hell Ride released August 6th 2008.

Sterling Roswell (Spaceman 3)

Enigmatic rock 'n' roll oddball Sterling Roswell releases a 7" single "Venus Honey Dew" as a taster for his debut solo album 'The Psychedelic Ubik', paired with 'Ludic Revolution'. A CD-single is also being issued, with 'Venue Honey Dew' paired with former 'Single of the Week' (Time Out) and 'Single of the Month' (Sleaze Nation, 'Girl From Orbit'

Sterling Roswell is more commonly known as 'Rosco' and most known as a member of the legendary Spacemen 3 from age just 18, recording three albums. When they eventually split, he joined the 3's Pete Bassman in Darkside, producing two albums for Beggars Banquet. Later he came back to music and made some demos while living in Rome. These led to him being signed by Mint/Jungle, Mercury Rev's original label.

The Psychedelic Ubik shows the influence of his years in Spacemen 3, but also an encyclopaedic understanding of rock'n'roll music, somehow fused into a timeless amalgam. The album's two covers, Alex Chilton's 'Blue Moon' and a variation on cult 60's garage-punk The Balloon Farm's 'Question of Temperature' (on 'Ludic Revolution') were drawn from his 3000+ vinyl LP collection. His mission has been to create an album of 'Space Age Pop'

Rosco has attracted some well-respected musician to collaborate with. A Sterling Roswell residency at The Enterprise, camden lasted a year, attracting luminaries such as legendary keyboardist Geraint Watkins, the Flamin' Groovies' Chris Wilson, and many others. Denny Laine's son, guitarist Laine hines and renowned double-bassist Matt Radford (Ronnie Dawson, Holly Golightly) are new recruits to his live band as well as playing on the album, as does Van Morrison's drummer Bobby Irwin and even Ennio Morricone String Quartet who were recorded in Italy! The live band is now booking dates in London and elsewhere to coincide with the album.

Gram Rabbit

"Dry and tough as mule jerky, sexy as a swayed hip, the music weaves elements of electro-dance, Byrd's-era country rock, inner-space jazz, and gnomic meditations in the manner of Spiritualized and Pink Floyd into a sound that's unaffectedly homey, profoundly ambitious, and frankly revolutionary." --LA CityBeat

"This ... group out of Joshua Tree is a weird – and promising – amalgam. They appear ready to claim a place in the line of self-reliant, independent-minded artists who germinated in Southern California's deserts, from Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart in the 1960's to Queens of the Stone Age in the '90s." --Los Angeles Times

Founded in 2004 by Jesika von Rabbit and Todd Rutherford in the desert landscape of Joshua Tree, California Gram Rabbit quickly gained attention for their offbeat styles as well as their decidedly bent take on modern music. Using beats, twangy guitars, programmed samples, a healthy dose of mind-altering lyrical illusion and super-charged sexual energy, Gram Rabbit were hailed as best new LA Band in 2005 at the LA Weekly Music Awards.

Momentum built as the band sold out West Coast clubs and earned rave reviews in monthly, daily and International publications. Their rapid ascent from outsiders to the top of the L.A. club scene could be attributed to the dichotomy of their audience. Well-heeled
hipsters in low-slung jean and ironic t-shirts could be found next to actress Scarlet Johansson. Uberfan John Cusack rounded out his iTunes celebrity playlist with music from the band. It's easy to see how the bands classy image combined with it's dirty sound was a lethal combination for their divergent audience.

Silver Chords

Spindrift’s own organist-vox Sasha Vallely aka Kaleidoscopia Aquarian has alchemized a dynasty from the psychedelic cauldron of rock n’ roll. THE SILVER CHORDS: An ever-evolving cast of pedigree musicians interpreting Vallely’s songs, and heeding her bewitching incantations.

Speculation mounts as to whether this a band, or a cult? How many psychedelic apostles will christen the next performance? And which ones? Are the THE SILVER CHORDS in league with the darkness or the light? ...Both? Vallely’s shadowy ensemble will soon be revealed.
Bear witness to the lysergic wizardry of THE SILVER CHORDS!

Electric Flower Group

­Electric Flower Group had a most unlikely of beginnings. The first time they met, Josh Garza and Imaad Wasif were strangers in an elevator in London. Garza was carrying his kick drum and Wasif had his guitar in hand. They were at the BBC Studios to film performances on “Top of the Pops,” Garza with his band Secret Machines and Wasif, an established solo artist, was appearing as a guest musician with Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Eyeing one another suspiciously, the two maintained a curious silence, until the elevator came to a screeching halt, between floors.

Wasif began frantically hitting all the buttons to get the metal box moving, but the lights just flickered and the elevator remained eerily still and suspended. While waiting for the emergency operator to dispatch a technician, the two eventually set about jamming, Wasif, to ease his claustrophobia and Garza, ever-cool and stoic, to deal with the boredom, and, in his own words, to “just get this freak to calm down.”

Another three years passed before the two men randomly collided again, this time on a street corner in Los Angeles. They decided to head to Wasif’s rehearsal space. In a blast of inspiration from the cosmic weirdness of it all, they wrote “Circles,” the epic track off of their debut EP. With the pounding of blood, the rumbling of thunder, and the indelicate sensations delicately rendered; its finesse lies in the grafting on such libidinous roots of the more visceral stems of Electric Flower Group.

“Four16”, the lead track off the EP, is a roaring tower of power inspired by Kurt Cobain’s iconic performance of Leadbelly song “Where Did You Sleep Last Night” during 1993’s MTV Unplugged In New York concert. A warped pop song about reincarnation, “Four16” refers to the minute mark (4:16) during
Cobain’s performance where we see him become possessed and as Wasif believes, “Kurt’s soul leaves his body.” The chorus “4:16, 4:16, Your god ain’t clean,” is a lyric for the ages. The strength and hooks of Wasif’s lyrical and melodic sense balance the primitive spacial quality of the music and Garza’s beats.

With their sophomore EP, entitled EP II, showcases the band expanding their sound beyond the rawness of their first EP to explore the dimensions of depth and width. “Eclipsed,” part loose metaphor, part nod to Dylan’s ‘Don’t Think Twice’ and Big Star’s ‘September Gurls,’ casts a shadow of its own.

“Cocoon” is a markedly weirder track; the repetition of the mantra-like lyric “To see your love come shining” gives way by sudden schism into an unexpected extraterrestrial soundscape, veering between CAN-esque Mesmer beats and a guitar angularity akin to This Heat, all the while carrying the current of a song unlike either. EFG EP II is proof that music today can be cinematic and conceptual without the complications of over-instrumentation. Side two of the EP is dedicated to a cover of Scott Walker’s dark symphonic ode to S&M, “The Electrician.”

If the world ever catches up to them, we can then be sure that times really have changed, that the end is nigh, that the circle is unbroken. Electric Flower Group are on a journey through a modern kaleidoscope of rock 'n' roll, transcending mainstream influence and incorporating strong minimalist elements into their
modern psychedelic music. Electric Flower Group wakes the ghosts of rock's most daring days, while never following them.

Strangers Family Band

Psychedelic four piece based in Los Angeles with influences pulling from Syd Barrett, Satanic Majesties, Brian Jones, Beatles, Pet Sounds, Pretty Things, and United States of America.

United Ghosts

Featuring shared girl-boy vocals, United Ghosts blends a seemingly dizzying collection of influences that range from Kraut-rock and electro to classic psychedelia and shoegaze into a cohesive sound that celebrates its influences, while keeping one eye firmly set towards the future.
"United Ghosts' debut 7-inch, "Holes Into the Night," is like a dream in fast motion, the kind of roll-the-windows-down psych-rocker you used to hear on the radio in 1990s, and would welcome today." -Buzz Bands

Wake Up Lucid

Wake Up Lucid doesn't make nice. Not musically, anyway. The band of cousins — Ryan, Ian and Jamie Baca — mete out scuzzy blues you imagine sprung from gear that barely works, seething with emotion and crackling with defiance toward those who would water down rock 'n' roll for the digital age. After thundering onto the scene with the EPs "Look Alive People" and "Sugar," the Bacas found an ally in producer Joe Cardamone (the Icarus Line), who worked with them on their debut full-length (due in August). The album is titled, fittingly, "Feel It," and the title track implores you to do just that: Feel it, 'cause it's going to hurt a little. – Kevin Bronson (

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