Flavia is an electronic/pop artist based in Los Angeles. Her music employs elements of dark pop and futuristic R&B. Guided by her lush vocals, Flavia explores the borderland of yesterday’s soul and tomorrow's electronica.

After spending her formative years in Dublin, Ireland, and Florence, Italy, Flavia moved to Los Angeles to pursue music. With the help of her producer, Ethan Allen (Ben Harper, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Daniel Lanois), Flavia has created an EP that is a world unto itself.

Trapped between reality and ethereal dream world, Flavia’s poetic lyrics cut to the core with their vivid imagery and emotional content.

Flavia will be releasing her debut EP in Summer of 2016.

Kosha Dillz

Kosha Dillz has received major attention for his dedication to success. Cited by Source Magazine as "the hardest working man in hip hop" the New Jersey/Israeli MC has played every kind of gig, ranging from shows with Rza of the Wu Tang Clan, Matisyahu, and Asap Rocky to Macklemore to street performances outside Hollywood's Chinese Theatre. Think Don't Mess with the Zohan mixed with a Basketball Diaries story for a former Division I Wrestler.

That is Kosha in a nutshell.

Dillz' latest album Awkward in a Good Way, embraces the tougher side of his life story, from depression and addiction on songs like "Let Go" to the self embraced of "We are different" featuring Murs. Versatility and cultural can best be used to describe his stage show, where you'll hear raps in Hebrew, Spanish and English. He tells the jokes of his 2012 Bud Light Super Bowl commercial, his interesting appearance in the BET Awards, and how he became a playable video game character in NBA 2k. If you cant understand how that is Awkward in a Good Way, you should just show up to the front row and experience it for yourself. You will certainly learn something new.

Lanky boy eats oats, drinks juice, makes some tunes for the groovy folk. also for space koalas

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