Mothers began in 2013 as the solo project of Athens, Georgia-based visual artist Kristine Leschper while

she studied printmaking at the Lamar Dodd School of Art. Now a quartet, their debut album 'When You

Walk A Long Distance You Are Tired,' released via Grand Jury Music and Wichita Recordings, has earned

the young band high praise from the press, including from NPR Music ('First Listen'), The New York

Times, Pitchfork, The Guardian, NME ('Radar'), and Q Magazine, among many others, while the band

themselves have been included on numerous ‘Musicians to know’ lists for 2016 including from

Stereogum, Vulture, Spotify, Paper Magazine and others. Comprised of eight original songs - the

majority of which were written while Leschper was finishing art school in early 2014 - Mothers’ debut LP

is an introduction to the foundations of the young band, a snapshot of a particular period of their

genesis that maps both where they began and where they are heading.

Foozle is a Maryland-based rock band, active since 2009. The band began while all three members were still in high school, and has grown into some organic mishmash of occasional practices and spurts of writing and recording. Foozle, the unit, is comprised of three friends—Jake Lazovick (Sitcom), Joanna Smith and Ryan Witt (Go Cozy, Universal Friend Rays). Raised in Montgomery County, Maryland, the trio formed in high school and haven’t left each other's side since. While each member brings their own personality to the music of Foozle.

Keeper started as the bedroom recording project of Marissa Lorusso. After the self-release of an EP called Fawn, she was joined by Matt Lewicki on synth and Sam Piercy on guitar. Since then, they have played in the DC area with bands like Eskimeaux, Horse Jumper of Love, and Florist.

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