Growing up in both London and New York, J-Cush founded Lit City Trax in 2012 as part rave night, part record label. J-Cush originally partnered with the late DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn's GhettoTeknitianz, soon to become Teklife. Lit City Trax has gone on to release critically acclaimed underground club music from across the continents.

His sets tightly weave the best in Rap, Grime, Jersey Club, Kuduro, Ghetto House, Garage, Footwork, Gqom, Kwaito, Baile Funk and other genres of club music.

His prime-time weekly slot on Rinse FM showcases an amazing variety in dubplates past, present and future as well the best in new urban music whether Rap, RnB or Grime and frequently features guest vocalists and DJs.

J-Cush is also a member of the Warp signed DJ/producer "supergroup", Future Brown, with Nguzunguzu and Fatima Al Qadiri. Now residing in London, J-Cush is the official DJ for the legendary Grime outfit, Newham Generals, with veterans D Double E & Footsie.

It's safe to say that New Jersey, and specifically Newark, has not been shown in the best light in the public eye. With extremely high crime, murder and unemployment rates, NADUS seems to bring light and a positive message from within a city fighting to rise above this stigma. 22-year-old Nadus Bright, Jr is a true cultural product of his city. He's used the negative surroundings of his upbringing to shed a positivity light from his neighborhood to global appeal. The THREAD co-founder, Jersey Club and bass pioneer, was co-signed as a Brick Bandits member at the young age of 15. With support from G's like Diplo, Dirty South Joe, DJ Sliink, DJ Tim Dolla, it's time for NADUS' story of life, music, and triumph to shine Bright.

DJ TiGa, veteran producer from Newark, is one of Jersey Club’s most incendiary forces. At only 26 years old, DJ TiGa has been an integral part in shaping the various styles of Jersey Club over the past decade. Through a serious exploration of his vast influences – from trap producers like 808 Mafia and Lex Luger, to Chicago’s Ghetto House and Footwork, Baltimore Club, Philly Club, and his peers in New Jersey, DJ TiGa has been reinventing and reinvigorating his own style of Jersey Club, with his diverse musical language that has helped push Jersey Club beyond its prescribed limits.

Cutting his teeth as an essential member of Newark’s club veterans, the Brick Bandits (the group responsible for bringing the Club sound from Baltimore to Newark in the early 2000s), DJ TiGa is part of the second generation of Jersey Club producers who made their name coming up with the Brick Bandits. His peers include DJ Sliink, Nadus, Uniiqu3, DJ Fresh & Mike Gip, to name a few, which have followed the roots laid from the founding members; DJ Tim Dolla, Mike V and DJ Tameil.

Never wanting to be limited to one sound, DJ TiGa started producing at the young age of 13 and, throughout the years, has experimented with many styles of rhythm to develop a complex percussive language that has stayed with him to this day.

An all around rhythmic re-revisionist, his hyper-active, ever-changing beats, woven with chopped samples and moving dark melodies, has led his tracks to be some of the most open and creative of Jersey Club, becoming key selections in countless international DJs’ sets.

DJ Irresistible

The Jersey Club sound has expanded way beyond it’s Newark, NJ roots over the last few years to become a signature sound of underground club/street culture and an unescapable presence on networks like Soundcloud or radio stations like RinseFM. Despite the many twists that have been given to the genre as it has spread worldwide, New Jersey’s own DJ Irresistible remains one of the most influential DJs on the scene, with his edits forming the backbone for any credible DJ set/mix associated with the movement. DJ Irresistible has become one of the biggest influences to the culture and has help pushed the movement to the next level.

Vjuan Allure

One of ballroom's biggest talents is a Vjuan Allure. It's not Vaughn or Vonn, - (though it IS pronounced that way) it's VJUAN. A true International enigma that has caught the Dance Music-World by storm, Vjuan is not just a DJ but a producer, re-mixer, artist, dancer, speaker, club host, promoter & a radio station personality – you name it, Vjuan Allure does it with ease and a winning smile that proves that he was definitely born to entertain. He's the beatmaker behind the twist on Masters At Work's "The Ha Dance", also known as the Allure Ha by voguers, Vjuan is a force to be reckoned with. Non-stop energy and passion is what drives him to incredible performances whether it's for an intimate crowd or a huge dance arena with guest numbering in the thousands – he is comfortable, confident, and approachable. Catch his long anticipated return to Lit City Rave this New Year's eve for a special high-octane Ballroom set.

London-born, Brooklyn-based producer Durban grew up in Brixton where in his youth he frequented the drum and bass raves of south London. Inspired by his surroundings, Durban started mixing at age 19 and began producing soon thereafter. After moving to New York, Durban has spent the last few years honing his celestial and cinematic sound while being a resident DJ at Lit City Trax' legendary Lit City Raves. His "Chimes" EP subtly blends Durban's US and UK influences into a melting pot of rap, grime, footwork & drum and bass productions intro one, cohesive whole.

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