Birocratic (DJ Set)

Producer & artist from NJ / NYC; creator of bumps, beets, & leftovers. I live in my head and speak in vignettes.

Dr. Bones

Dr. Bones (A.K.A. Ruben Dax ) is an experimental electronic musician born and raised in NYC. According to InYourSpeakers Media , he uses "a pleasantly even mix of organic and computerized sound" to create "futuristic hip-hop flavored tracks... realizing the musical potential latent in everyday sounds." Dr. Bones has released two solo EPs: 'Malleus' and 'Incus' as well as a collaborative project with vocalist Marigold called 'Treehouse.' In performances he does live looping using a combination of electronic and acoustic instruments–constructing the music layer by layer.

$13.00 - $15.00


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