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If the Melvins, Eyehategod, Unsane, and Queens of the Stone Age all somehow co-fathered some ungodly offspring, that ungodly offspring would, no doubt, sound an awful lot like Bardus.

The Philly trio's 2013 release, Solus, is by turns scratchy, scathing, and swinging; these dudes manages to hit that sweet spot between catchy and crushing again and again and again, a seemingly endless supply of cool (and often elphants-marching-tastic!) riffs at their fingertips – so even the most dissonant sections somehow retain jjjjussssttttt enough melody to prevent the music from being uninviting. Their sound is both momentous and hazy, like a giant who has just awoken from a thousand-year slumber in a swamp and is realllllllly pissed: the guitars are so fuzzy they practically need a shave, the bass is ball-rattling, and the drums hit so hard they might give you a concussion. All of these elements make Solus addictively listenable.

Suit City

New new Charlotte heavy from the righteous dudes that brought you Junior Astronomers, Mon Frere, Del Rio, Math & Hemp Hill.


Formed in 2014, Grizzlor hit the Earth with a misanthropic thud. 3-piece noise rock hailing from the city of New Haven, CT. Just three dudes power slopping their way through the daily drudgery, weighed heavy with fuzz, sludge and an itching disdain for the mundane.

2014 hatched their first self-released EP "We're All Just Aliens", along with a vinyl release "When You Die", through the Brooklyn label Money Fire Records (home to Vulture Shit, Low Fat Getting High), solidifying their presence in the noise rock community. 2015 also brought forth two new records for the trio; a split 7" with the maniacal Norwegian noise duo, Barren Womb, which coincided with an East Coast US Tour in support of the record, and their most recent release, a 7 song 7" entitled "Cycloptic", via Hex Records out of Syracuse, NY (Bleak, Ex-Breathers).

Having been compared to the chaotic and sloppy nastiness that is reminiscent of early AmRep bands, Grizzlor-- "make drug-nihilism and wild-eyed crazy sound like a hell of a lot of fun. Sloppy, raw, fucking dirty, but upbeat (with more than a tinge of madness) these guys take the Eyehategod/Fistula base on a detour through trebly surf punk spazz." - The Sludgelord

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