The Bright Light Social Hour

The Bright Light Social Hour is an American rock band from Austin, Texas. Born out of
a university art-rock collective, The Bright Light Social Hour has evolved into an
unabashedly wide-screen rock group, melding fists-up rock and roll with muscular funk,
soul, and psychedelia. The band recently swept the 29th Annual Austin Music Awards
during SXSW 2011 with an unprecedented 6 wins, including Band of the Year, Album of
the Year and Song of the Year ("Detroit").

“One of the most exciting records to come out of Austin in a long time.”
-Austin Monthly, 4.5 stars

You won't get any puffed out chests from the members of Infantree. They have kept their band uniquely frontless, like some sort quasi-communist-prankster collective. By eschewing ego, the four friends who make up Infantree have learned to work as an ever-evolving creative unit - thereby elevating their sound. Infantree is a young band whose very nature is elusive and enigmatic.

The music is equally hard to pin down – ragged rock guitar and electric rocking chair drum beats are balanced against traditional banjo melodies. Some compositions, like the instantly hummable "Speak Up", bounce joyfully around your brain, while darker songs like "Hypo" and "Slaughter House" dip into unsettling territory.

Whatever form of blood-brother voodoo they've tapped into, the bond has allowed Infantree to exchange influential music for the listener to enjoy. Their music gives a voyeuristic glimpse into the world of four friends whose creativity is obviously rooted in their shared musical trust. The music swoons and squawks, drags and thumps, and most importantly, helps you dream of something brand new.

Max and The Moon

Emerging out of the combustive indie music scene of southern California in 2009, Max and the Moon and their relentless gig-playing have created a buzz that rides on its own frequency. The three-piece band, on the verge of officially releasing their second EP titled "The Way I See," display a talent for intricate songwriting and sounds ranging in resemblance to early Coldplay and the dancy catchiness of Passion Pit. Substance magazine writes, "their music has a way of pulling you in with their starry guitar echoing in combination with John’s soothing vocals and superb upper register."

On their first release, a self-titled EP (2010), Max and the Moon laid the foreground with a straight-up indie album. Laden with strong guitar licks, steady piano and punctuated vocal harmonies—the band makes full use of two primary vocalists—the EP affirmed the band as a group to pay attention to. Max and the Moon's follow-up, "The Way I See," shows the band's maturation into stronger songwriting and experimentation with new sounds, expanding their scope and offering a significant contribution to the ever-changing music scene in the wake of fellow Los Angeles-based band Local Natives.

Guitarist John Velasquez earned a degree in music at Cal State University, Fullerton, and began collaborating with longtime friends Matt and Dillon Couchois in the two brothers' small garage studio. The three-piece has come a long way in the few short years since their formation, challenging themselves everyday with booking shows or heading back to the drawing board on a new song that doesn't quite capture the right vision. In the present age of endless hype around new music, Max and the Moon stay true to passionately personal songwriting. That isn't to say these guys are low-key, though; the band revels in putting on energetic rock shows.

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