Wax Darts, Citizen Blast Kane, The White Dicks

Wax Darts

Wax Darts are a Jersey City band. The "Three's Company of Rock and Roll!"

Citizen Blast Kane

In 1987 Amerika Bambaataa (jungle animal communicator), and Rick More Anus (habitual regatta winner) studied the film Jungle Virgin Force and consumed mass quantities of flavor drink. In 2010 Citizen Blast Kane was born. Rick More Anus learned to play his guitar machine by watching Frank Stallone, and Steven Seagull do it first. Amerika Bambaataa took to studying mannerisms from early Corey Haim films, embracing all that's Haim for money and profit and which it stands. Other members include Dr. Yes and Gravy Face Pow Pow

The White Dicks

Congratulations, you are about to hear an incredible new and positive style in music. Some may call it punk rock, but it is... more. It harkens back to the days when violets grew freely, butterflies tickled your nose, and Up With People could sway a whole Middle School gymnasium to clap along to their glorious beat. This is brought to you by three pillars of the community.
On guitar we have Richard Thadius...International Importer. Once Richard Thadius' face could be seen plastered on the cargo holds of every port on the Eastern Seaboard. Richard is a Suave Dick, he was once followed home by the NJ Devil's Cheerleaders, just so they could watch him park his BMW. Having survived false allegations importing substances of a dubious nature, Mr Thadius now spends his time yelling at sticks, playing guitar, and ignoring his family, while huddled next to the furnace in his basement.
Rickie Vasquez...Goldmember is the drummer of the group. His years as an international man of mystery has proven quite successful, culminating in a Special Commendation from the Prime Minister of Eastonia for being a stand-up dick. He is in no way related to his doppelganger, who has been seen drumming for The Swinging Neckbreakers, The Super Karaoke Fun Time Band, and the Kill Van Celts. Rickie likes short walks to the liquor store and relatively clean sidewalks.
Richie Butthurt...Scoundrel of New Hope is the bass player. As the Arch Bishop of New Hope for the Matloavian Religion, Richie single handedly turned the recessed haven into the thriving B&B community it is today. Unfortunately after revelations of his having sired seven of the New Hope Mayor's children, and having sired the mayor himself, Father Butthurt was excommunicated. Butt Richie is a Tenacious Dick and now spends his days perusing the dumpsters of the shops on Rt 440 South, and taking the occasional skinny dip in the Hackensack River.


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