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Like Totally 80s Festival

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Like Totally 80s Festival
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A Flock of Seagulls

As well-known for their bizarrely teased haircuts as their hit single "I Ran (So Far Away)," A Flock of Seagulls were one of the infamous one-hit wonders of the new wave era. Growing out of the synth-heavy and ruthlessly stylish new romantic movement, A Flock of Seagulls were a little too robotic and arrived a little too late to be true new romantics, but their sleek dance-pop was forever indebted to the short-lived movement. The group benefitted considerably from MTV's heavy rotation of the "I Ran" video in the summer of 1982, but they were unable to capitalize on their sudden success and disappeared nearly as quickly as they rocketed up the charts.

Hairdresser Mike Score (lead vocals, keyboards) formed A Flock of Seagulls with his brother Ali (drums) and fellow hairdresser Frank Maudsley (bass) in 1980, adding guitarist Paul Reynolds several months later. The group released its debut EP on Cocteau Records early in 1981, and while the record failed to chart, its lead track, "Telecommunication," became an underground hit in Euro-disco and new wave clubs. The band signed a major-label contract with Jive by the end of the year, and their eponymous debut album appeared in the spring of 1982. "I Ran (So Far Away)" was released as the first single from the album, and MTV quickly picked up on its icily attractive video, which featured long shots of Mike Score and his distinctive, cascading hair. The single climbed into the American Top Ten, taking the album along with it. In the U.K., "I Ran" didn't make the Top 40, but "Wishing (If I Had a Photograph of You)" reached number ten later that year; in America, that single became a Top 40 hit in 1983, after "Space Age Love Song" peaked at number 30. "Wishing" was taken from the group's second album, Listen (1983), which was moderately successful.

The Story of a Young Heart
However, the band's fortunes crashed shortly after the release of Listen as 1984's The Story of a Young Heart failed to produce any hit singles. Reynolds left after the album and was replaced by Gary Steadnin; the band also added keyboardist Chris Chryssaphis. The new lineup was showcased on 1986's Dream Come True, which failed to chart. Shortly after its release, the band broke up. Mike Score assembled a new lineup of A Flock of Seagulls in 1989, releasing the single "Magic" and touring the U.S.A. The band failed to make any impact and most of the members left by the end of the year. The band continued to tour worldwide, although with major changes to its members, and in 1996 released a new album, The Light at the End of the World.

Men Without Hats

The new wave synth pop collective Men Without Hats were formed in 1980 by brothers Ivan and Stefan Doroschuk. Ivan was the leader of the group, writing the majority of the songs and providing the lead vocals; Stefan was the guitarist; and other members changed frequently throughout the course of the group's career. They independently released their debut EP, Folk of the '80s, in 1980; it was reissued the following year by Stiff in Britain. During 1982, the band consisted of Ivan, Stefan, another brother Colin Doroschuk (keyboards), along with drummer Allan McCarthy; this is the lineup that recorded Men Without Hats' 1982 debut album, Rhythm of Youth. Taken from their debut, the single "The Safety Dance" became a major hit, peaking on the American charts at number three in 1983. Driven by an insistent three-chord synthesizer riff, the song was one of the biggest synth pop hits of the new wave era.
September 2011 saw MWH back in action for the first time in a very long time
touring across the US as special guests of The Human League.

Now Ivan brings the NEW Men Without Hats back to life in 2012 with a new album out this summer, LOVE IN THE AGE OF WAR, with the lead single Head Above Water out this spring at the same time as their old classic Pop Goes The World is being used in a major national ad campaign for Tide.

Missing Persons

Famed as much for their video-ready space-age image as for their music, the Los Angeles-based New Wave outfit Missing Persons formed in 1980, a year after the marriage of singer Dale Bozzio and her drummer husband Terry. A onetime member of Frank Zappa's backing band, Terry Bozzio met the former Dale Consalvi (an ex-Playboy Bunny) at a Hollywood recording studio; after founding Missing Persons -- initially dubbed U.S. Drag -- the couple recruited fellow Zappa alumni Warren Cuccurullo on guitar and Patrick O'Hearn on bass, and with classically-trained keyboardist Chuck Wild in tow, they began playing area clubs.
In 1981, the band released its self-titled debut EP; after signing to Capitol, the label reissued the record in 1982, and the singles "Words" and "Destination Unknown" both nearly hit the Top 40. Their videos also helped Missing Persons find success on the fledgling MTV network, where Dale Bozzio's hiccuping voice and campy look (comprised of shocking-pink hair and sci-fi outfits capped off with Plexiglass bras) combined with the group's synth-driven songs to make them naturals for heavy rotation.
Later in 1982, the group issued its first full-length album, Spring Session M (an anagram of their name), which launched the underground smash "Walking in L.A."
After 1984's Rhyme and Reason notched only a minor hit with the single "Give", Missing Persons enlisted Chic's Bernard Edwards to produce 1986's dance-pop effort Color in Your Life. the album stiffed, however, and both the band and the Bozzios themselves broke up. While Dale Bozzio issued one solo album on Prince's Paisley Park label, Terry Bozzio went on to work with Jeff Beck; Cuccurullo, meanwhile, joined Duran Duran, O'Hearn recorded several instrumental New Age albums, and Wild composed music for films and television.
TODAY : Dale Bozzio ( Lead Singer and Founding member ) continues to tour the states with her new line up of Missing Persons. Performing his Greatest Hits for audience's around the world " Destination Unknown, Words, Here & Now, Give, Walking In L.A., I Can't Think About Dancin, Windows.

Richard Blade

Popular Los Angeles radio, television, and film personality from Torquay, England. He is best known for his radio programs that feature new wave and Popular music from the 1980s. He has stated that Depeche Mode is his favourite band.

The Untouchables

In the beginning there were only a few of us, we would dress up in our vintage mohair suits, sit around in local cafes and talk about how great it would be if the entire city were full of mods and modettes, rude boys and rude girls. The clubs would be filled with sweaty dancers and their parking lots with shiny scooters. .... This year was the summer of 1980. We didnt realize that by 1981 wed be in the middle of our dream come true. All of a sudden there were hundreds of us everywhere. MODS ARE GO.

The Untouchables first record that was Twist-n-Shake b/w Dance Beat, released on their own Dancebeat label in 1982. Then came 1983's Tropical Bird b/w The General. Tropical Bird was a pretty traditional ska number with jungle overtones.The General was a classic two-tone sounding dance tune. .... Their first 12" was a six song EP('84) -- Live & Let Dance, that included originals like Free Yourself, Lebanon, Whiplash and What's Gone Wrong -- all of which got some local play on KROQ during the mid-80s -- mostly Rodney on the Roq, but occasionaly during regular rotation as well. Also included a great cover of Stepping Stone. Their early singles and records were eagerly bought up by mods and have become rarities. It was in '84 that the Untouchables started to get recognition, becoming the posterboys for the Los Angeles mod scene appearing in movies like Repo Man and Surf II. .... Their first full-length LP came in 1985 -- Wild Child. Interestingly enough, Wild Child -- the song -- was written by Tony Rugolo lead singer of The Question and was intended for The Question's own LP which -- for various reasons -- never saw the light of day. So, UTs stole, borrowed, grabbed, bought (depending on who you talk to) the song from Tony and it became the title track as well as one of their best live numbers. The entire album was musically tight and very consistent. .... The compilation album The Untouchable's Live: A Decade of Dance was recorded at The Roxy in Hollywood on December 22nd 1989 -- The Untouchables: Cool Beginnings Rare and Unreleased 1981 - 1983. Cool Beginnings reaches back into Los Angeles mod antiquity to dredge up some really rough live, and bedroom studio, recordings. Rough like uncut diamonds, rough gems: Ska Mods, Mod Knights, Another Late Night, Motion Like Hers, and The General, to name a few. .... The Untouchables early shows were great for their intensity, incredibly energy, and like the LA scene at that time, immaturity. Early on, they did a stint as the house band at the Roxy, and were the mod/ska band to see every weekend at places like The Timbers, Oscar's Cornhusker, Mama Brown's Backdoor, Fenders and even the Golden Bear in Huntington Beach. The liner notes for Cool Beginnings says of their years at the Roxy, "Color barriers were smashed as black and white youths came from neighboring cities and counties to join the mod revival in unity, harmony and ska. 1983 was a very good year for ska mods in Hollywood." .... The Untouchables were the impetus for bands such as Fishbone, and later for numerous California ska acts like (early, early, early) No Doubt, Donkey Show, Skeletones and Let's Go Bowling

Nick Richards of Boys Don't Cry

Boys Don't Cry are a British pop/rock band known for the hit single "I Wanna Be a Cowboy", which peaked at No. 12 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1986 and charted around the world. They are considered a one-hit wonder, though they released an EP, two albums and several singles.

Annabella Lwin of Bow Wow Wow

Annabella Lwin, at the tender age of fourteen, was one of the most photographed, talked about and popular vocalists in the early 80's with her band, BOW WOW WOW. Her unique vocals, which swung between sweet fourteen and a banshee, defined the sound of a new and energetic pop culture; her memorable performances influencing and inspiring a brand new wave of up-and-coming artist such as the Chili Peppers and No Doubt. She continued to perform and develop her songwriting throughout the 90's, assembling her second band The Naked Experience', as well as collaborating with other musicians and songwriters such as Billy Steinberg (Madonna, Divynls) and Ellen Shipley (Belinda Carlyle), releasing classics like 'Carsex' and dance hits like 'Do What U Do', produced by Steve Lironi (Hansen).

As well as writing and recording original material as a solo artist, she has also been a featured vocalist on numerous transatlantic dance favourites with superstar producers like Tony B (LA's hottest radio dance DJ) and the Utah Saints (England's' most innovative and popular DJ Duo). Her songwriting talents brought her into partnerships with Guy Chambers (songwriter for all of Robbie Williams' chart hits) and the well seasoned Michael Lattanzi (producer of Mariah Carrey, Paula Abdul, Sly & Robbie, Anastasia).
Performing low-key shows on both sides of the Atlantic, as well as large promoted concerts with Bow Wow Wow, the new millennium found Annabella also expanding and employing her talents as a songwriter in new commercial, as well as spiritual, directions. She performed several concerts for global charities like UNICEF and Save the Children Fund, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for needy children. She has also recently worked on a Nike commercial, as well as writing songs for several movies such as 'Desperate But Not Serious' (starring Claudia Shiffer and Henry Rollins): here partnering with Mike Bradford (producer of the hits 'Follow Me' by Uncle Kracker, 'You Get What You Give' by the New Radicals, 'American Bad Ass' by Kid Rock); as well as writing and recording a song for the soon to be released movie 'Phoenix Point' (starring Angelo Moore of 'Fishbone' and Cecilia Noel, the Salsoul Queen). Her current and ongoing Buddhist retreats continue to enhance and inform her artistic sensibilities, giving birth to new mature and romantic songwriting. This new solo direction still retains Annabella's familiar hard-core dance groove, beat-heavy anthemics married now to new harmonies and a hint of eastern tinged melodies. Her vocal range has never sounded better, and the spirit of her songs confirms her ongoing celebration of life and music.

The Reflexx

Bringin' back the sounds of classic KROQ, 91X, and LIVE 105: Synth-based, alternative 80's.

FARRINGTON+MANN original members, When In Rome uk" from "When In Rome"

Original When In Rome vocalists Clive Farrington and Andrew Mann appeared on When in Rome's debut record in 1987 that includes the smash hit "The Promise". Clive and Andrew are also the original vocalists appearing in the music video "The Promise". The song was featured at the end of the popular movie, Napolean Dynamite.

Corey Feldman & The Angels

Corey Feldman began singing at the early age of three in order to gain potential roles in his film

career. However, his true music career began with his first single released on vinyl in 1989 for

the soundtrack of Dream a Little Dream. The song was called "Something In Your Eyes" and

Corey is planning on dusting it off and playing it live for the first time in his adult career. In 1994

Corey released his first solo album entitled Love Left which featured music from the film Dream

a Little Dream 2. He has since released two other solo albums and is now preparing for a

double album of new material centered around the Corey's Angels brand. His new album

Angelic 2 The Core, featuring appearances by Doc Ice, Kaya Jones, Fred Durst, Snoop Dogg

and others, includes his biggest hit song to date, "Ascension Millennium" who's video has been

viewed by millions via MTV where it gained a "buzz-worthy" status in its first twelve hours.

Corey's Angels is a full-service management, development, and production entity, which also

specializes in large-scale private events and concerts. Corey's Angels has produced several

music videos, two television pilots, a double album, and a ten episode talk/variety show. The

Angels have appeared in films such as Body High, television shows such as LA Rangers on the


“New music is the lifeblood of anybody making music— it’s that creation, excitement, new babies [songs]! It inspires me and it inspires others,” declares Terri Nunn, the charismatic and enigmatic singer of L.A.’s iconic synth electro-pop pioneers, BERLIN. Animal, a brand-new 12-track offering, explores contemporary electronic dance music while remaining true to the groundbreaking sound and signature vocals that continue to define BERLIN. The first single, “It’s the Way”— a confessional ballad about “a fear of connection”— could easily be the group’s next “Take My Breath Away” (BERLIN’s #1 hit / Academy Award-winning single, featured in Top Gun). It’s the perfect counterpoint to the sexy, eminently danceable title track (“So kiss me when you pull my hair / I like it when you make it hurt”), or to “Blame It On The World,” a painfully poignant song for her father.

Animal is the result of Nunn’s re-ignited love affair with current electronic music, and the feeling that BERLIN could make a unique statement in the EDM [electronic dance music] milieu. “It’s still my favorite medium. I’ve loved it since I met John [Crawford, original Berlin bassist) in 1979, when he wanted to bring electronic music to America, because it wasn’t here yet,” she recalls. “What it’s morphing into is exciting me so much, I was motivated to look for songwriting partners to help me create this album.” Enter John King, one-half of award-winning producers, The Dust Brothers (Beastie Boys, Rolling Stones, Beck). When Nunn and King began writing, “[It] felt like the beginning of the album to me,” Nunn explains. “I already had the songs ‘Mom’ and ‘Stand Up,’ but there was no momentum. [John’s] sound was exactly what I was looking for… we wrote ‘Break the Chains,’ which really kick-started the work that became Animal.” Old pal, Marti Frederiksen (Aerosmith, Sheryl Crow), provided another boon for the album. “He’s a big rock guy, but introduced me to a young writer named Derek Cannavo. I lost my mind!” recalls Nunn of Cannavo’s work. “We did seven songs, we went crazy. It was so intense with him that even though I was glad to be done with the record, I grieved that the project was over because it was so amazing. The writing was done so intimately and so fast, great music collaborations ARE intimate, creative and intense and hard and wonderful and exciting; everything a love relationship is.” Additional creative input came courtesy of multi-platinum writer/producer, Bryan Todd (Jordin Sparks, Kara Dioguardi, Josh Kelley, Big Time Rush, Ashley Tisdale), pioneering mixers, John Alicastro and Mike Lauri (Goo Goo Dolls, Train), and Carlton Bost, BERLIN’s guitarist (Orgy, Deadsy), who produced four tracks on the album.

While Animal is BERLIN’s seventh album, a combination of ten compilation albums, EPs and live albums round out an impressive discography that so far has yielded twelve gold and platinum album awards. The band—founded by Nunn, bassist John Crawford, and keyboard player David Diamond—made its initial impression on the music world in 1982, with their seductive single, “Sex (I’m A…),” from the platinum- certified debut EP Pleasure Victim. BERLIN’s first full length LP, Love Life, hit in 1984 and was certified gold. In 1986, BERLIN topped the charts with the unforgettable, intimate and strikingly beautiful love song, “Take My Breath Away.” The ballad’s defining role in the Tom Cruise film Top Gun has also helped solidify BERLIN’s everlasting place in American pop-culture. Nunn’s ongoing influence earned her the #11 spot on VH1.com’s “100 Greatest Women in Rock,” while, as an actress, she played leading roles in films including Katie: Portrait of a Centerfold with Kim Basinger, and Thank God It’s Friday with Jeff Goldblum and Debra Winger. Along with comedienne, Wendy Liebman, Nunn currently hosts the radio show Unbound with Terri Nunn on 88.5 FM KCSN Los Angeles.

Despite her many creative outlets, music, BERLIN and touring remain Nunn’s first love. Looking back, she recalls her own early musical dreams. “I remember going to a Rolling Stones concert at the Rose Bowl, and I couldn’t believe they did 2 ½ hours of songs and I knew every single one! That’s a legacy, a body of work that has mattered to people. That’s what I aspired to,” she says. “Of course, no way am I close to that body of work, but I have a number of songs that people love that much, and they come to hear Berlin over and over. I’m so grateful for that.”

Nunn, a rabid music fan, was inspired by Fleetwood Mac’s “Rhiannon” and her discovery of the LA club scene, starting with the band, X. On Animal, Nunn tips her hat to another female-fronted band with her own take on Jefferson Airplane’s “Somebody to Love.” Such bold musical choices also helped make Animal the ideal album title for Berlin’s latest collection. “The song ‘Animal’ so perfectly represented the entire album. “It’s the first tune I wrote with Derek Cannavo, and it’s an explosion of joy and ecstasy and orgasm and sex--but musically!” That primal energy is evident on every track, even the gentlest of ballads, with Nunn’s voice at the peak of its powers. “When I quit smoking at 32, everything changed. I had been smoking since I was 14, and when I stopped, my range doubled; it went higher and lower than it ever had before.”

Video— so important to early hits like "Sex (I'm A...)" and "The Metro"— has also taken on new meaning for BERLIN. “YouTube is the new MTV,” Nunn notes. “We used to spend so much money on mini movies, but now all you need is a good HD camera and a guy who knows some lighting. Online is where people go to see and hear music—it’s free and it’s easy and so wonderful.” Nunn’s honesty and infectious enthusiasm carries through every aspect of Animal, which she views as an entirely new chapter. “I always looked at music as passion. All we can do is appreciate that people’s passion is so strong for music... I feel it too, it’s part of my DNA, and I love what I grew up with. What I learn as I get older,” she concludes, “is that it’s not about money or ‘making it.’ Sure, they’re fun games, but it’s about connection, that’s where the real joy, passion and bliss comes from, and music is such a huge part of connecting people. It’s the way… to bliss.”

American synthpop band from Los Angeles, California best known for their songs "Obsession", "Let Him Go", "I Engineer", and "Room To Move".

Formed in 1983 from the remnants of a retro science-fiction band called Red Zone, they signed a record deal with Polygram Records in 1984.

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Vendors, food trucks, an 80s themed costume contest, roller derby and so much more. So break out the aqua net, leg warmers, neon clothes and dance like it was 1982!!



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