Purity Ring (DJ Set) w/ Hundred Waters & HANA

Purity Ring

After sixty-five fortnights, Purity Ring have returned with their super-tight second album Another Eternity. The pair ventured home to the frozen industrial landscapes of their birthplace Edmonton, Alberta to document much of what was to become the album. For the first time, vocalist Megan James and producer Corin Roddick were able to create a record in the same room.

Purity Ring's first album Shrines was recorded separately in Montreal and Halifax, where Corin and Megan were respectively living at the time. Despite being a thousand kilometers apart and barely talking, Shrines was a cohesive, beguiling and wholly unique universe of what the band called 'Future Pop'. At the center of the amniotic swirl of Shrines was an undeniable nucleus of crystalline pop which presciently suggested both indie and popular music to come. Critics were psyched: 'Best New Music' from Pitchfork and praise from The New York Times, Rolling Stone, and NPR, among others. They quickly amassed a rabid fanbase, toured relentlessly and sold out shows worldwide.

On Another Eternity, Purity Ring trade the gorgeously claustrophobic atmospheres of Shrines for wide-open, muscular vistas of sound and luminous, up-front vocals. Crafting a lyrical universe of "sweat and dreams" populated by seacastles, rattling spines, and weeping drawers, Megan James wields concrete imagery and metaphor with increasingly direct, startling resonance. Corin Roddick's gifts for evocative melody remain intact, but his drum work and use of space have been completely reforged: immaculately built and focused in service of the song.

"begin again" rouses Purity Ring's brooding balladry into a sky-reaching anthem while retaining its distinctive shape. "bodyache" is the kind of devastatingly infectious single that their previous work only gestured at. "stillness in woe" features a frozen, manipulated piano, dovetailing with Megan's time suspending narrative. "repetition" finds surreal, love-lorn lyricism soaring over delicately woven synths. The emotional geography of Another Eternity is wider than ever: gloomy valleys and gleaming peaks in even measure.

Though they are now working at a higher resolution, Purity Ring remain hands-on with every aspect of their project. As usual, the band produced and recorded Another Eternity entirely themselves. The pair worked to develop an innovative new live performance, and Megan designed the band's onstage and video fashion.

Another Eternity revels in its upfront melody, clarity, and confidence. With every step forward they take, Purity Ring actualize their vision while sounding utterly and undeniably like themselves.

Hundred Waters

Hundred Waters' four members played together in various formations as far back as middle school, but only after living under one roof years later did they develop a communal mentality and coalesce as a band. The music they found was a beautiful blend of contradictions: mournful yet colorful, introverted yet aware, and draws loose comparisons to Stereolab, Four Tet, and Bjork. Their soft combination of organic and electronic sounds attracted the most unlikely of label bosses, Skrillex, who signed the band to his OWSLA label that same year and gave the album a full-scale release, with remixes by Araab Muzik, Star Slinger, and TokiMonsta. Since then the band has taken its live show around the world, touring with artists such as Grimes, Julia Holter, alt-J, and The xx.

Singer, songwriter and producer HANA debuted in May 2015 with her stunning new track titled "Clay." Described by Lorde as "too beautiful and sparkling for words," "Clay" serves as the perfect audio introduction to one of the most exciting and promising artists to have emerged in 2015.

Atlanta born, Montana raised, HANA has spent years on the road in North America, perfecting her craft as a songwriter and performer, traveling state to state, year-round. In 2013, she decided to take a break and re-assess her life on the road, prompting her to sell the van, live off of that money and move into an old warehouse in downtown LA. It was there that she locked herself away and spent the next year learning how to record and produce music by herself. It was during this period that she was able to fully execute her vision musically, thus creating these stunning new tracks that have since gotten everyone intrigued and talking about HANA.

Recently, the young American artist completed her first major North American tour singing alongside Grimes, in support of Lana Del Rey.

More details and music soon to be revealed..

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