The electronic pop project of LA's Brad Petering, Jason Wyman, and Wyatt Harmon borrows samples from soul standards, glistening tropical rhythms, and gilded 70s pop Layered with thick beats, piano punctuations, and devotional double-layered harmonies. Always seeking a new muse, this bedroom pop seduces you back between the sheets with an arsenal of fringed eyes, an effervescent halo of sticky bedhead, and a smoldering cigarette. Perfect for breakups, break-ins, and breakdowns.

Poppet is the alter ego of California raised musician Molly Raney. Using a keyboard, drum machine, loop pedal, and her own voice, Poppet creates fully orchestrated electro-loop-pop. Weird pop. Weird pop for the post-apocalypse. Birds included. Spaceship recommended.

"Songs such as "Fanatical Bird Dance" flit through the mind's vision like a loosed sprite. ... Others are shaped of a markedly different vapor.... In between is the full specturm of joy and despair, naiveté and jadedness, recklessness and refinement, that paints a portrayal of an aritist willing to reveal the innermost." –Submerge Magazine

dot Vom

dot Vom is a five-piece indie pop band and part-time group therapy session from San Francisco, incorporating elements of surf rock, dream pop, and nugaze into modern torch songs about pretty boys and mental illness.


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