Friday Show Pack:  Work Up to the Weekend

Friday Show Pack: Work Up to the Weekend

Show Packs are a great introduction to PuSh, and provide you with a carefully curated sampling of our cutting-edge shows that span different forms and practices, by artists from different countries. Enjoy three unique shows—one show per week, each Friday of the Festival. Whether you’re a first-timer at PuSh, or a live arts veteran, you’ll love what we’ve put together.

Your Friday Show Pack includes one ticket to the three pre-selected shows below on the specific performance dates and times.

By Heart (Jan 20 7PM at Performance Works)

Jan 20, 7PM at Performance Works

“Once 10 people know a poem by heart, there’s nothing the KGB, the CIA or the Gestapo can do about it. It will survive.” That’s writer George Steiner, in a statement that serves as an inspiration for this empowering show. In it, playwright and actor Tiago Rodrigues teaches 10 audience members a poem. All the while, he shares stories of writers, their books and characters—all connected to himself and his grandmother, a woman who in the process of going blind wanted to retain as much of the written word as she could commit to memory.

Every Brilliant Thing (Jan 27 7PM at Performance Works)

Jan 27, 7PM at Performance Works

“You’re six years old. Mum’s in hospital. Dad says she’s ‘done something stupid.’ She finds it hard to be happy. So you start to make a list of everything that’s brilliant about the world. Everything that’s worth living for. You leave it on her pillow. You know she’s read it because she’s corrected your spelling. Soon, the list will take on a life of its own.”

A new play about depression and the lengths we will go to for those we love. Based on true and untrue stories.

FOLK-S, Will you still love me tomorrow? (Feb 3 8PM at Scotiabank Dance Centre)

Feb 3, 8PM at Scotiabank Dance Centre

Choreographer Alessandro Sciarroni takes a traditional dance form and works it for all it’s worth. The schuhplattler (“shoebeater”) is a Bavarian folk dance where its performers slap their shoes and legs with their hands; it’s ecstatic, kinetic and one walloping workout. There are no pauses, no interludes, no intermission, just the beauty of a form taken to its extreme. For roughly 90 exhilarating minutes the show ratchets up from impressively strenuous to almost-inconceivable exhaustion; what emerges is a strong suspense, electric and palpable. How far can these dancers go?



Please note: Shows take place at different times and venues.

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