Leroy Sanchez always knew his powerful voice was a gift for self-expression: a means to channeling his unique creativity into something dynamic to be enjoyed by people all over the world. His voice, instantly evocative, becomes more impressive when you discover Leroy is an entirely self-taught musician.

As a child growing up in Vitoria, Spain, he taught himself to play guitar and developed his voice entirely by ear. At age 15, Sanchez uploaded his first cover song on YouTube, and has since posted over 70 videos collecting upwards of 28 Million YouTube views from a legion of dedicated fans inspired by his passion for music, innate ability, and inherent charm. In 2010, Grammy-Award winning producer and songwriter Jim Jonsin ("Lollipop" Lil Wayne, "Motivation" Kelly Rowland, "There Goes My Baby" Usher, "Sweet Dreams" Beyonce, "Whatever You Like" T.I.,) discovered Sanchez's rendition of Craig David's "Walking Away" and invited the singer to meet with him in Miami. Immediately connecting, Jonsin signed Sanchez to his Rebel Rock label shortly after.

Now based in Los Angeles, California, Sanchez has been developing the foundation for his debut album, working with an leading producers and songwriters, including Jonsin, Rico Love, Danja, Frank Romano, Finatik & Zac and Jenn Decilveo.

Rose Droll

I'm a singer/songwriter from San Francisco. I write and play and record everything by myself in my home. My songwriting has been called prolific by a few different people, so I had to look it up in the dictionary. It means you produce a lot of something, and I write and record a lot, so that's accurate. My music has also been called haunting, and I like that one because it makes me feel like I'm a ghost and I can haunt you... and I think that's kind of cool. I go off and on smoking cigarettes and it's one of the things I think about most because I always wonder if today, this cigarette here in my hand, is the one that will fuck up my voice forever. I deal by rationalizing that I never really had a solid, angelic voice anyway, so what's the worry about. But that's a terrible mindset and I'm working on that.


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