Pictureplane, Prince Rama, Night Manager


"Pictureplane is Travis Egedy, a 24-year-old electronic producer based in Denver. On his forthcoming album Dark Rift, Egedy takes various strains of dance music-- big room house most prominently-- and runs them through all sorts of scuzzy punk rock filters, bringing the music closer to experimental psych-rock. On the Best New Track 'Goth Star,' Egedy smears distorted bass all over an ethereal Fleetwood Mac sample, creating something that sounds wrong but all the better for it." --Pitchfork

Prince Rama

Drawing from a collective mine of times and spaces, Prince Rama (made up of sisters Taraka and Nimai Larson) takes the threads of ancient symbolism and ritual and weaves a surreal universe that is wholly their own. Raised on Hare Krishna farms, trained by utopian architects, and making noise in Brooklyn, their often-unpredictable live shows graze the space between psychedelic ceremony, performance art and initiation rite. After Avey Tare from Animal Collective discovered them and deemed them "one of his favorite new bands", he and Deakin helped produce "Shadow Temple" released on Paw Tracks in 2010, which debuted #3 on the Billboard New Age Charts. "TRUST NOW", their 5th full-length album and 2nd album to be released on Paw Tracks soars upwards in a mystic journey across dark wave dance floors and old Bollywood film scores. Just this past year Prince Rama was also chosen to be artists in residence at Issue Project Room in Brooklyn, where they currently reside and continue their exploration of the link between music and utopia, conducting group exorcisms to the score of old VHS workout music and re-staging apocalypses through chopped and screwed pop songs.

Night Manager

Highlighted by Pitchfork, Village Voice, Fader , CMJ, and Brooklyn Vegan Night Manager is a trifecta of musicians spanning from San Fransisco to Paris purveying Lo-Fi Garage Rock/Dream Pop. Along a similar vein as Sonic Youth, Nirvana, and The Pixies, Night Manager make chaos sound warm and inviting. Night Manager is rough and unpolished yet unabashedly honest.


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