Full Court Press 4

This event is a rare chance to see some of your favorite artist from your favorite bands play with other artist from your other favorite bands, get it?

All Star jam session if you will. The night consist of about 6 bands that cover material that is very familiar, while including some free form impromptu jams.

Umphrey's McGee

A mantis is an insect with an exceptional range of vision.

"Mantis" is the Greek word for prophet.

And Mantis is the epic new album by Midwestern monsters of improvised rock, Umphrey's McGee. Consisting of Brendan Bayliss (guitar, vocals), Jake Cinninger (guitar, synthesizers, vocals), Joel Cummins (keyboards, vocals), Andy Farag (percussion), Kris Myers (drums, vocals), and Ryan Stasik (bass), Umphrey's McGee enters its second decade together with their most progressive, melodic and artistically cohesive album to date.

A long-time-coming labor of love as well as an inspiring affirmation of musical brotherhood, Mantis is Umphrey's first fully fleshed-out studio statement since 2006's Safety in Numbers, which was followed by 2007's odds-and-sods collection The Bottom Half and the double live album Live at Murat. So when Brendan Bayliss sings, "We believe there's something here worth dying for," to kick off Mantis's majestic twelve-minute title track, you should take him at his word.

Mantis is the first Umphrey's album to consist entirely of material never previously performed on the road, where the band rules the improv-rock circuit and plays more than 100 shows each year. Although the band already plays numerous songs they have yet to record, sometimes you just have to hold back in order to deliver a bigger bang. Mystique, thy name is Mantis.

Umphrey's recorded their eighth album in an unusually relaxed fashion over the course of some twenty months in Manny Sanchez's I.V. Lab Studios in Chicago (Steve Albini's Electrical Audio was also used). "It really helps to have a great friend who loves the band and who runs one of the best studios in town," says Cinninger. "Manny has been a godsend." The band's longtime sound caresser, Kevin Browning, meticulously edited and mixed the material on Mantis; the result is Umphrey's finest produced album to date.

Ray White (Zappa)

Ray White is a soul vocalist and rock and blues guitarist, best known as a member of Frank Zappa's touring ensembles. He was drafted into Zappa's band in the fall of 1976, being featured on rhythm guitar and vocals, forming a memorable vocal harmony partnership with Ike Willis on later tours in 1980 and 1984. White's vocals can be heard on Zappa in New York (March 1978), You Are What You Is (Sept 1981) as well as others. White can also be found on a The Torture Never Stops and Does Humor Belong in Music?; the former a DVD set in one of Zappa's last tours (without Ike Willis) and the latter being a VHS filmed at the pier in New York, the video features White and Ike Willis' signature vocal harmonies. According to Zappa, White, who was deeply religious, was uncomfortable with the atheistic views of some of the other band members, which led to his departure.

White has also worked with jam-oriented groups like KVHW, Don't Push the Clown and Umphrey's McGee since his contributions to the Zappa band, and has more recently worked with a variety of Michigan artists, including former Rare Earth drummer Bob Weaver, as well as members of the funk/fusion combo Generic Produce.

In summer 2007 Ray White joined Dweezil Zappa as a special guest for the Zappa Plays Zappa Tour.

Digital Tape Machine

Digital Tape Machine is a Chicago based band that is turning heads across the U.S. The band consists of members from multiple Chicago groups including Umphrey’s McGee, Strange Arrangement, Liquid Soul, Land of Atlantis, and the Hue. This group features Kris Myers, Joel Cummins, Joe Hettinga, Kevin Barry, David Arredondo, Marcus Rezak, and Dan Rucinski. The digital, yet analog force behind the music produces a very modern, electronic sound. Some listeners have described it as video game music. The electronic dance, Tech house, dance house, deep house, post-industrial, drum n bass and hip hop are all elements of DTM. The edgy music is matched with enthusiastic crowds with smiling faces. The band is rapidly gaining momentum from late night festival sets and soldout shows.

Professor Fareed Haque recently returned from interstellar pan dimensional time travel, and has brought with him his new jazztronica trio MathGames! to earth and its environs.

MathGames! is Fareed Haque on classical and Moog guitars, Alex Austin on upright and electric bass, Greg Fundis on drums and electronics, with Craig Pessolano, visualist.

Moog guitar enthusiasts will not want to miss MathGames!, as the new and innovative instrument is featured throughout.

MathGames! made its debut at Chicago’s Mayne Stage theater in November of 2010. Watch the video below to see how this unique trio is transforming light and sound into a funktronica sweatbox. Combining the phenomenal skills of guitar master Fareed Haque with the wildly entertaining drumming of Greg Fundis, and the solid and sweet foundation supplied by Alex Austin, you get a MathGames! equation that will perplex but eventually satisfy your thirst for knowledge. Surprises are in store.

The Twin Cats have been crushing dance floors with their distinct approach to fusion music since finalizing the lineup in 2004. Taking influence from funk, prog rock, jazz, and electronica, The Twin Cats’ sound is responsible for inducing spontaneous dance parties all across the Midwest. This Indianapolis-based band guarantees one thing……face melting funk in your face……….melting it

Cosby Sweater

Cosby Sweater is a new and vibrant voice in electronic music. The group is comprised of David Embry (DJ Embry-O, Embryonic Fluid) on production and vocals, Nicholas Gerlach (The Twin Cats) on Tenor Saxophone and EWI and Richard “Sleepy” Floyd (The Native Sun) on drums. Their strength lies in their high energy live shows and genre bending tracks. Cosby Sweater is already gaining momentum after just a few live shows and is working towards the release of their first EP in the coming months.

There is a city called Chicago. In that city lies a music scene. And within that music scene there is a band, a band with a sound that could only come from a city of hard knocks, harsh winters, and metaphorical big shoulders.

That band is Hood Smoke. Funk driven grooves, rock inspired motifs, and jazz influenced musicality make Hood Smoke one of the most sought after bands in the Midwest.

The Coop is the concoction of drummer/producer Jake Barinholtz, guitarist/producer Danny Biggins, and bassist/producer Cason Trager. Formed in 2004 in Chicago, The Coop quickly broke into the jam-rock and electronica scene, and over time, evolved their sound and lineup to what it is today. With keyboard virtuoso Joe Re rounding out the group, the band’s sound and versatile abilities stretched into
uncharted territories.

Capturing the modern unification of organic and future sounds through the fusion of electronic production and traditional instrumentation, The Coop consistently takes the listener on genre-bending aural adventures. The synchronization of breakbeat, dub, jazz, and jamband rock drive their core sound, resulting in dynamically flowing original tracks and live performances.

Between their debut album, Internalize, and their EP, A Fleeting Glimpse, The Coop proves that originality and popularity can coincide. With numerous headlining shows and major festival slots under their belt and many more on their upcoming schedule, this four-man sound system’s journey to the top is only just beginning.


Groovatron will rock you, plain and simple. While total schizophrenia and blatant attention deficit disorder might seem like unwanted ailments in modern times, Groovatron embraces these so called disorders to create a form of music that is part funk, part progressive, and all rock.

Old Shoe is a five-piece Americana Folk Rock band based out of Chicago, Illinois. Made up of talented songwriters from across the country, hailing from as far away as Alaska, the band's compositions paint a diverse landscape of American life. Constantly playing throughout the midwest, their wealth of experience in the musical world never ceases to grow. Their performances will draw you in at the start and leave you panting on the dance floor by the end.

Having recently released their second album, Let Yourself In, the band already has enough material for a third album that they play during their live shows. They cover Little Feat, Led Zeppelin, Stevie Wonder and Warren Haynes to name a few. In the last year alone, Old Shoe played at Summer Camp Music Festival, Blottopia XII, Tall Tree Lakes Music & Camping Festival, Cabin Fever, Ribfest Chicago and the Whippersnap Music & Arts Festival. They even hosted their own Shoe Fest, which featured Great American Taxi, Kyle Hollingsworth and Split Lip Rayfield.

Freek Johnson

Marco Villarreal(g)
Buddy Pearson(b)
Waz Fox(p)
Bill Romer(d)

Eumatik is a living, trance-inducing, funk-blasting, dance mechanism that stimulates the mind by being harmonically innovative and experimental, yet easily accessible in the conventions of modern electronica. What makes their approach to music so interesting is their ability to allure the listener with catchy hooks, slowly lead them outside their accustomed musical boundaries by means of developing harmony, and finally bring them back within a single composition. This is accomplished by fusing a diverse variety of musical techniques that range from jazz theory to 18th century counterpoint.

Although their music is thoroughly composed, it contains lengthy sections of improvisation that make every live show unique. Eumatik brings elements of hip hop, funk, trance, jazz, dubstep and disco into ideas that reorder the perception of its own genre-based facade by tastefully covering an incredibly large range of musical concepts. Another important aspect that contributes to their thumb-print sound is their mix of vintage keyboards with ultra-modern sound design and synthesis.

As much of their time off-stage is spent organizing and maintaining a focused outlook on each composition, Eumatik is constantly looking for fresh and innovative ways to use music technology as a tool for improvisation. When they're on-stage, they strive to keep the crowd dancing while making sure everything is melodically and harmonically interesting at the same time. While performing, the overall form and direction is controlled by Josh Lockwood, who utilizes Abelton Live along with an Akai MPK and APC. Jazz pianist, Ashton Kleemann, is constantly playing signature parts on various keyboards along with a MIDI-keyboard that Josh runs Ableton effects through. This MIDI-keyboard directly interacts with what is being played live to create a bizarre and unique atmosphere of band member communication. Mix in the organic sounds of their live drummer, Derek Shelton, and you hear the UFO-summoning, twist-bopping, trance-inducing, disco-fever-catching sounds that are Eumatik.


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