Like Peter Finch's newsman Howard Beale in the movie Network, AWOL is mad as hell and he's not going to take it anymore. Broke and with his world crumbling around him, he launched a NATION.

And indeed, what can a poor boy do… except make some of his toughest, hardest, most passionate music ever, slamming it with the most up-to-date hip-hop and electronic dance beats in a genre-blending mash-up that defines AWOLNATION. It's not just music, but a crusade designed to fight all that's fake, commercialized, compromised and debased in popular culture.

Some say AWOL is the name he'd rap under while battling his friends free-style, a reference to the way he'd slip out of parties without saying goodbye while Oakland Raiders fans contend that NATION comes from a devotion to the era of Bo Jackson and Howie Long. No one really knows the origin, but together they form a commitment to getting rid of life's wreckage and building a trend based on honesty, commitment and, well, aggressive passion.

Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons has received attention across the U.S. from industry professionals and fans alike, continuously growing their loyal fan base. Their most recent West Coast tour with The Parlotones was highly successful, with sold-out shows along the West Coast ending with a final packed performance at L.A.'s The Viper Room. This past spring, the band was invited to perform at Bergenfest in Norway, expanding their fan base outside of the U.S. Fans can catch Imagine Dragons on August 20 at The Roxy in Los Angeles as they perform as part of the Sunset Strip Music Festival. Imagine Dragons are currently in the studio with Alex da Kid, working on new material and preparing for their first headlining tour of West Coast.

Mixing synth-laden rock with infectious dance grooves and restless energy, Imagine Dragons creates an eccentric, often anthemic sound. The quintet blends massive high-energy with a unique and diverse sound, evident in the band's latest EP. Imagine Dragons has shared the stage with indie notables Temper Trap, Hot Chip, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, Nico Vega and The Envy Corps, and have opened for mainstream acts such as Weezer, Blue October, and Interpol. The band consists of front man Dan Reynolds on vocals and keys, Wayne Sermon on guitar, Ben McKee on bass, Daniel Platzman on drums and Theresa Flaminio on keys.

ZEALE is an emerging Hip-Hop/Indie/Alternative artist from Austin, Texas. Often playing chemistry with the genres of Hip Hop, Indie Rock, and Electro, ZEALE seeks to create a hybrid of music with depth.

With miles of mixtapes behind him, ZEALE is currently working on his first LP to release in the first half of 2012 featuring artists like Los Angeles' Awolnation and, the newly reunited, At The Drive-In's Jim Ward.


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