The Fatties

The Fatties

If you've never heard The Fatties live, then you've most likely never heard them at all. Either way, cancel your plans for the 19th - they're back!!!!!

It's hard to believe that it's been almost twenty years since The Fatties started playing weekly live shows at such gone, but not forgotten, venues as The Wetlands, New Music Cafe, AKA, and The Lion's Den. The Fatties were quintessential N.Y.C. Jam Band then ... but now, like the Village of the mid-90s, they have evolved. The stops may be less frequent than they used to be, but the ride is just as sweet.

Old standards like I-Man, Les-Love Killer, Five Spot, Mia and Avenue A may no longer be guaranteed, but the band rewards with cover songs (of others, and themselves!), signature impromptu jams, new songs and, of course, some of the oldies just like you remember them. A rare treat.



If you recognize that logo, then you know what time it is. That's right folks, The Fatties will be returning for an evening of music at the Lower East Side's hottest new club - DROM. Check out all the details and get ready to party - The Fatties Thursday, July 19

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