Lyndsey Highlander, The Nancy Kenyon Band, & The Jason Wicks Band

Lyndsey Highlander

Blue Eyes, Dark Hair, soothing falsettos, and a passion for life. That’s the first thing that hits you about Lyndsey Highlander, but wait till you see her perform…

Lyndsey grew up in the small town of New Kent, Virginia where she was a student of perfection in academics, athletics, school government and newspaper, but mostly in her music. From an early age of 6 Lyndsey began developing and critiquing the sound she wanted to share with the world. Church solos, county festivals and a song and dance company allowed Lyndsey to share her music at a pretty strong pace. Precious down time was spent with her loving family, such as fishing with Daddy and cookin’ with Momma.

It didn’t take long to realize she had some real talent. Lyndsey credits her sound to a passion for soulful sounds such as Bonnie Raitt, Pat Benetar and Aretha Franklin. However, if you ask Lyndsey who became the biggest inspiration to her music, without even a pause she will tell you how much Patsy Cline has influenced her spirit and her sound. With a supportive family in tow, Lyndsey went to chase out her dream in Nashville 7 years ago. After lots of hard work she finally has her biggest career move after being discovered by Jeff Howard an agent at APA. Together Jeff and Lyndsey work tirelessly to pursue Lyndsey’s career. Lyndsey’s massive sound and intimate story telling is coupled with her energetic stage presence and constant desire to engage the crowd. With the new team behind her, only great things are on her future. Lyndsey is working on recording her first EP, writing daily and tours the country regularly stealing hearts every where she goes. Lyndsey comments,

“Performing is indescribable, it’s God’s natural high… I love the music, I love the fans, I love absolutely everything about it!”

Lyndsey intends to share her music with fans worldwide. The journey has just begun…

From Lyndsey

Hey there friends and fans! Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I love life and try to live each day to the fullest! This world is the greatest gift. Each day I want to enjoy every moment. You all know that music is my ultimate obsession, but of course there is much more to me. Cooking soothes my soul and triggers my brain into creativity. Trying new recipes, baking insanely difficult desserts, and pairing it all with a good wine is a way I escape. Finding ways to turn my favorite desserts into healthy alternatives is so much fun and really rewarding. The more natural I can cook, the more amazing the experience is. Being active, working out, and being outdoors brings me to a higher place! I try to work out 5 times a week and also find time to do new physical things like rock climbing at CLIMB Nashville or taking a peaceful walk around Percy Warner Park. My favorite color is PURPLE, but yellow is right up there with amazing. Animals are God’s way of blessing us with companians and best friends. I have a soft spot for kittens, but can’t help adoring my baby Yorkshire Maci! I am quite energetic and have such a loud personality. Everyone knows when I am around because my laugh takes on its on power! Haha, whoops I can’t help it. My heart is BIG and I wear it on my sleeve. Love songs and love poems bring tears to my eyes. Good lyrics can soothe any pain in my heart and bring the biggest smile to my face. One of my favorite ways to spend a night is a comfy couch, a romantic comedy, red wine, and dark chocolate, and glowing candles. I have the most fantastic friends and family! If all else was ripped away from my life- my family and God would be all I need to have complete happiness. My passion for life stems from my relationship with Jesus. He is my best friend and I try each day to become closer to Him. Thank God for music, this journey I have ahead of me, and for everyone I meet along the way.

The Nancy Kenyon Band

The Jason Wicks Band

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