Lost Kingdoms, Vaudevileins

Lost Kingdoms

Lost Kingdoms picks up where the great guitar-rock bands of the 90s left off with tight, structured compositions replete with memorable riffs and driving, syncopated rhythms. It's all topped with powerful, soaring vocals, unforgettable melodies, and a subtle pop sheen. Carefully crafted, yet accessible, Lost Kingdoms tests the boundaries of progressive pop.


Vaudevileins is a rock band from Chicago. Since 2010, the band has toured throughout the US of A using the power of aviator sunglasses, sweat, beards, and a green Ford van.

The Tracys

Blistering old school punk rock outfit The Tracys are as clear an 80s punk revival as it gets." Their live shows bring unrelenting ferocity and whimsy.

Called "one of Philly's most imaginative bands" by Philadelphia's WXPN, Tutlie carries both the dark and the light in equal measure. Formed by Jessie Radlow in 2010 while attending college in West Chester, Pennsylvania, the band has seen many lineup shifts on the path to refining the vision Radlow first set forth. In 2012, producers Drew Taurisano and Asher Brooks joined the outfit as they began to demo what would eventually become the bands 2014 debut LP Young Cries.

Young Cries, described as "expressive and expansive" by WXPN, is a far-reaching sonic experience, marrying the unique and exceptional songwriting of Radlow with the immersive production and texture as developed by the band and it's producers Taurisano and Brooks. Simply stated by Performer Mag, Young Cries is "smart, intricate chamber pop that will challenge your imagination."



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