Egyptian Lover

Getting his start in the Los Angeles dance and rap scene back in the late 1970s, Greg Broussard, better known by his stage name Egyptian Lover, has made a mark for himself, especially among fans of his hip hop and electro mashup style of dance music. The vocalist, producer and DJ, has played from everything from underground dancehalls to the massive 10,000 capacity L.A. Sports Arena, and everything in between.

Hailing from Lynchburg, Virginia, LAKIM has steadily made a name for himself in the electronic scene. Bridging the gap between EDM and hip-hop with style and finesse, his sound is an ever-shifting blend of crisp drum patterns, dreamy synths, and lush vocal chops. LAKIM really started to make waves in 2012, when his stellar remixing skills caught the attention of renowned forward-thinking beat collective, Soulection. He is well known for his EP, Esoteric, which he released in 2012 as Soulection's 15th project. Following its release, Soulection wrote that the EP "not only displayed his growth as an artist, but also implements his signature style of chopping dusty soul records into the undeniable form of Bass music that has been dominating the world's sound of tomorrow."

Since then, he has continued to expand and evolve his style over multiple featured releases with the label and successful collaborations with fellow Soulection artists like Mr. Carmack and Esta. He's turned a song into a movement, been the focus of the first Soulection White Label, and stayed on the tips of tongues with his remixes of popular artists and upcoming producers. Since the release of his first full-length album, This is Her, in 2014, LAKIM has released several new DJ sets and remixes. LAKIM brings a truly unique sound to the table and his energetic live performance is not one to be missed.

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