Sky-Pony, Casa Mantequilla

Sky-Pony serves up lush, lyrical, often cheeky indie-pop with a healthy dose of theatrics. Since its formation in 2012, the Brooklyn band has garnered a cult following for high-energy live sets that blur the line between rock show and theatrical event.

The Brooklyn-based group is a collaboration between singer/actress Lauren Worsham and her musician/writer husband Kyle Jarrow. Sky-Pony rounds out its lineup with the sizeable talents of guitarist Kevin Wunderlich, drummer Perry Silver, bassist Eric Day, cellist David Blasher, and backup singers Kristin Piacentile and Lizzie Marx. More info at



General Admission || Please note, there is a one drink minimum for this show (standing and bar stools) and two drink minimum at tables. Limited seating is available on a first come first served basis.


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