The Haunted Hourglass, or, The Edwardian Ball presents a Very Gorey Halloween

Rosin Coven

Rosin Coven is the World’s Premiere Pagan Lounge Ensemble; nine musicians blend voices, cellos, contrabass, accordion, violin, guitar, trombone, trumpet, vibraphone, drums, and percussion to create their own style of theatrical cabaret. Edith Piaf does the cha-cha with Charles Mingus, Eric Satie tangos with Sun-Ra, and Kurt Weil broods over Doris Day. Rosin Coven presents an irreverent yet elegant balance between musicianship, poise, theatricality, and humor. They’re found where you least expect them…in nightclubs, theatres, parks, festivals, museums, deserts, parades, galas, and foreign lands.

“An umpteen-piece band full of pale-faced, velvet-clad cool cats playing everything from cello and contrabass to accordion, the group falls on a continuum between Rocky Horror camp and medieval danse macabre. The members of Rosin Coven, a Berkeley-based troupe with a vigorous following, look and sound like well-traveled carnies with formidable heaps of classical training; the roguish ensemble is even easy on the eyes.” – SF Weekly

Miz Margo

Miz Margo originally began her DJing career in the early part of the 20th century spinning 78s in the cooch tent of a traveling carnival. Tired of the carny life, she went underground until she co-founded San Francisco’s Dark Sparkle in 1999. She is a collector of oddities, eccentric fashions, and obscure music. Still cranking the phonograph to this day, Miz Margo breathes undeath into the bodies on the dance floor wherever she goes.

The Klown

The Klown represents the next step in red-nose (r)evolution for one Boenobo the Klown and his band of merry musical pranksters. And that amounts to a scalable act equal parts music and micro-circus, taking one of three forms depending on the nature of a given event, budget, etc., and sharing the same original glitch / electro / electronic rock musical stylings across all three.

Dark Garden with Kat Robichaud

Dark Garden’s crew of dedicated corset makers, helmed by Autumn Adamme, has been making the world a curvier place to be since 1989, offering a safe space for people of all shapes and sizes to be fabulous. Their corsets, costumes and gowns are world renowned for exceptional quality and fit, not to mention beauty.

Speakeasy Syndicate

Curators of melodic swing, grandeur, harmonious fallacy and musical melancholia – take the sounds of the past and process them through the steamworks of electronical contraptions to propagate sweet gems for your ears and tapping feet! Bewitching and newfangled tunes will fill the air and mind to influence all gentlefolk to mix, mingle and sway!

$35 - $55


The Edwardian Ball tips the Haunted Hourglass and journeys back to where it all began, in the splendid catacombs of Cat Club, for a very special Halloween soiree. Join Edwardian founders Rosin Coven and friends for an intimate, one-night-only celebration like no other.


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Our final round of LATE BIRD GA Tickets will be on sale Monday, September 12th at 9:00 AM. Please do join us!



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