Carina Round

Carina Round has carved a singular path in music with her inimitable voice and stirring compositions. Her uncompromising vision and thrilling versatility have garnered her an immensely passionate fan base that includes many artists. Her forthcoming album, due out in Spring 2012, features some of her notable champions including Smashing Pumpkins' front man Billy Corgan who contributes guitar to 'Go...t To Go (The L.A Song)' and the legendary Dave Stewart and Brian Eno who co-wrote the track 'The Secret of Drowning'.

Carina is giving everyone an early taste of the thrills to come with her new single 'The Last Time' featuring Sierra Swan and a video directed by Scott Rhea. She will also release the Puscifer remix of her track 'Girl and the Ghost' on November 8th on Limited Edition 7" Vinyl through Manimal Records and digitally worldwide through The Orchard.

Growing up in Wolverhampton, England, Carina, starting from a very young age, always had an affinity towards music and began to follow her musical dreams. Never losing sight of her goals, her determination and passion led to the recording of her first album First Blood Mystery (2001). Shaped in erratic but gripping sounds, her love of legends Patti Smith and Jeff Buckley resonates undeniably.
The follow-up and Interscope re-released debut album: The Disconnection (2004) took those influences into much more powerful and personal realms. It landed Carina worldwide exposure in the process, which ultimately brought her career to Los Angeles, California. The relocation proved worthwhile. For Slow Motion Addict (2007), Carina teamed up with notable producer Glen Ballard to create a bewitching and seductive new album. Accompanying the release was a 12-part episodic series that cleverly coincided with each track, creating a visual story for the album. It gave Carina another medium to showcase her artistic ability by acting and starring as the troubled lead character, Maisie Scarlett.

Two years later, Carina self-released the EP Things You Should Know that resulted in much critical success, having multiple film & TV shows feature her music as well as multiple radio stations, including KCRW, champion her music. Opportunities came flooding in to work with other artists Carina has admired over the years. She began touring with Puscifer, Tool's Maynard James Keenan's band, and worked on their new album Conditions of My Parole, which is set to be released on Oct. 18th, 2011. She also sang vocals on The Twilight Singers new album Dynamite Steps along with other artists Nick McCabe (The Verve), Mark Lanegan, and Ani DiFranco. In addition to this, Carina moved into the world of composing and writing for film, working with the award winning film composers John Debney and Glen Ballard on a song that was composed for the film Valentine's Day, writing with Academy Award winner Marco Beltrami, as well as various others.

In one of Carina's co-writing sessions, a band was created called Early Winters with EMI Canadian artist Justin Rutledge, L.A. producer/musician Dan Burns and multi-instrumentalist Zac Rae. The band released a self-titled EP in 2010 that was partly recorded using Skype and video chat due to the members being in 4 different countries. The EP has received numerous film and TV placements and accolades, including many radio stations that were early supporters, for its addictive hooks, far-flung emotions, and intimate sound.

Miracle Days (LP release)

The origins of Miracle Days began in Orange County, California, where randomly, a few passionate and determined musicians crossed paths. Sharing a love for well-crafted songs with meaningful lyrics, a band and strong friendships ensued. Miracle Days took solid form in 1993 and began releasing a string of demos. However, the band didn’t hit its stride until the final permanent members, drummer Russ Simms and manager Sam Babikian, came aboard. With the lineup complete, Miracle Days went on to play an endless string of venues, most notably, The Whiskey, Bogarts in Long Beach, HB Pier Plaza, The Coach House, and the Galaxy Concert Theatre. Though out the years Miracle Days has shared the stage with many major acts passing through Southern California, including, The Refreshments, Cola, Low and Sweet Orchestra, Harvey Danger, Dial 7, Bang, Untouchables, Human Waste Project, and Something Corporate. After several published reviews, radio spotlight coverages, and a continually growing loyal following throughout Los Angeles and Orange County, Miracle Days left its mark in music history. In 1997, working with the infamous producer and engineer, E, at For The Record, Miracle Days released it debut full length album, Standing On the Edge of Panic, to rave reviews. After several more years of performing and recording, the members decided to pursue other projects. Sharing a strong friendship and musical bond that wouldn't soon be forgotten, the band never officially broke up. With the encouragement of peers and fans, and a general love for music, the members of Miracle Days are now in the process of writing and recording new material.

Aaron Embry

At the tail end of his three-year stint as the piano player for the Los Angeles ensemble Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, Aaron Embry finally found the voice for which he’d been searching. He discovered this voice captive in an arch top tenor guitar, a harmonica, and a small stack of moleskin notebooks. Travel-ready and now equipped with his new discoveries, Embry found a current and the songs came up like a flood.

He wrote at a prolific rate while on tour throughout the late spring and fall of last year, a body of songs born among communal, creative atmospheres of life on the road with Sharpe and of time on the rails with the numerous musicians of 2011’s Railroad Revival Tour. As a songwriter, Embry cut his teeth by recording and touring with greats such as Elliott Smith, Willie Nelson, and Daniel Lanois, among plenty of others.

In April 2012 he began recording, and the outcome is Tiny Prayers: a 10-track collection that explores a wide range of emotions while anchored in the cardinal folk tradition of simplicity. Elemental s ong structures and spartan acoustic arrangements bring Embry up close and in focus as a songwriter, singer, and musician. Lyrics such as “Is my happiness dependent on its own design? Am I only waking up to leave my dreams behind?” are evidence of his love for emotional complexity, while his voice and bare instrumentation carve melodies that are built like something low to the ground yet wide as the sky.

Tiny Prayers was recorded at the Embry’s family home in Ojai, CA. It is set for release in Fall 2012.

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