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ANDY BROWN ‘Andy Brown is someone you want on your stage. He's a very honest artist, I thinkaudiences probably always leave dazed and alarmed at how disarmed they are duringhis show – I've seen him in many different situations and the crowd response to hisperformance often seems almost embarrassingly personal. He's played festivals forus and toured for us, and with large groups and tiny ones, Andy just lays his heart outand gives all he has - he's got fantastic intuition handling a crowd and his songs arehookier than a one-armed pirate. He's a lovely writer, a beautiful performer, self-deprecating, funny, silly and profound, incredibly easy to work with and a bloody hardworker. And really he's just getting better and better.’ - Chloe Goodyear, Woodford Folk Festival: Program Director. Canadian singer/songwriter Andy Brown released his third full length album titled ‘Seasons’ in August 2015. Showcased on this 11-track album, Brown’s words draw from the life, death and subsequent rebirth of nature around him. He went deeper into the woods to record with Daniel Ledwell at Echo Lake and features the stylings of Kinley Dowling (Hey Rosetta!), East-Coast Canada's Jenn Grant, PEI’s Tim Chaisson, folk-rocker Jeremy Fisher and Australian emerging artist Dylan Wright. Never shying away from vulnerability, Brown’s songwriting doesn’t disappoint. His lyrics read like poetry and are amplified by the music surrounding it.Brown completed his fourth Australian tour as a headliner of the Festival of Small Halls in October 2014, performing alongside Winnipeg’s alt/country folk artist Del Barber and multi-award-winning, Melbourne-based The Mae Trio. In November 2015 he completed a two and a half month album release tour across Canada as well as touring for the first time in Europe which included support shows for popular UK artist Scott Matthews. His music has been featured on ABC (Rookie Blue), NBC (Saving Hope), CTV, Global TV, Showcase, CBC (Heartland, The Phantoms) and most recently, in CBC’s "Hello Goodbye’. Brown has seen iTunes chart-topping success and has emerged a must-see performer on the Canadian and International music scene. Brown is an official Taylor Guitars and Sennheiser Microphones artist and he has earned a slew of national and International songwriting awards and nominations (Music New Brunswick Awards, UK Songwriting Contest, Unsigned Only Competition, International Songwriting competition)

“Sometimes I can’t see the forest for the trees. If you only focus on the parts thatmake up a whole, you miss the entire picture. Seasons bleed into one another withlittle notice, and without you realizing, time passes. It’s hard to take a step back andsee the grand scheme. That's what I tried to do with this new album."

- Andy Brown



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