Sonicflight: Georgia Anne Muldrow & Dudley Perkins, Count Bass D

Georgia Anne Muldrow & Dudley Perkins

G&D is comprised of singer, songwriter, producer Georgia Anne Muldrow & rapper, poet, producer Dudley Perkins a.k.a. Declaime. Uniting under the alias of G&D, the two not only serve as a production duo, but also as husband, wife, father, mother and co-owners of their independent label SomeOthaShip Connect. Although accomplished solo artists in their own right, for the past seven years Georgia & Dudley have been a solid team helping each other perfect and master their crafts. Dudley Perkins a.k.a. Declaime, an esteemed rapper/poet influential in building the LA underground rap scene, has worked with the likes of The Lootpack, Madlib, Oh No, The Alkaholiks, Flying Lotus and Hudson Mohawke to name a few. Georgia Anne Muldrow, an acclaimed singer/songwriter/producer, has worked with the likes of Erykah Badu, Robert Glasper, Mos Def, Bilal, Wajeed, Sa-Ra and an onslaught of other independent acts. Often noted for her unorthodox, indefinable, sample-free original production, Georgia has built up a repertoire as one of the leading new producers. With Dudley's poetic cadence and Georgia's powerful vocals and instrumentation, G&D are using their music to uplift and raise the vibration of our consciousness through music.

Born in Oxnard, California, Dudley was raised by his single mother along with his seven siblings. Without any male figure in the house setting an example, Dudley succumbed to drugs, alcohol & gangs, but it was his love for music and art that kept him strong. Often to referred to as D-Loc, Dudley's passion for hip-hop in the late '80's led him to experiment with rapping, breaking, popping and locking. His fascination with comic books and art lead him to get into drawing and illustration. His close friends and fellow Oxnard natives, Madlib and his younger brother Oh No, were strong early influences that expanded Dudley's musical knowledge. Under the supervision of Madlib's father, Mr. Jackson, a seasoned musician, the three would hang out at his home studio playing records from various genres and experimenting with their own productions. After graduating high-school Dudley went on to join the military and served in the U.S. Navy during Desert Storm. After quickly realizing that the war he was fighting went against everything he believed in, Dudley started to rebel and was eventually kicked out of the Navy. After moving back to Oxnard, Dudley connected with his childhood friends Madlib, Oh No, and DJ Romes and fell even deeper into the music he was so passionate about. It was then he met another close friend Kankick, who became another musical influence on Dudley. Between Madlib, Oh No, DJ Romes & Kankick, the crew's diverse knowledge in music inspired Dudley to whole heartedly pursue the art of emceeing and it was then his moniker Declaime was born. In the following years, the crew would enlist fellow Oxnard rapper Wildchild to form the group The Lootpack and released an album for which Declaime created the artwork. After being recorded, the album was picked up by Peanut Butter Wolf who would go on to re-release it under his newly formed label Stones Throw Records. After the buzz of The Lootpack album, Declaime was quickly signed to German label Goodvibe, toured Europe, and grew a strong buzz overseas. It was then Peanut Butter Wolf asked him to put out another record, but as Dudley Perkins the singer, not Declaime the rapper. Although that's somewhat common now in 2000, rappers also singing was literally unheard of. Stones Throw later went on to release Dudley's critically acclaimed track "Flowers" produced by Madlib. The track quickly garnered acclaim amongst tastemakers in the music community all over the world, and was played from Los Angeles to Paris. After realizing the depth of the reception to "Flowers," Stones Throw enlisted Dudley to record two more albums for the label entitled "Lil' Light" and "Expressions." He later went on to record various acclaimed records through various labels such as "Ansoitisaid," "Illmind Muzik," "Conversations With Dudley," "Astormiscomin" and more.

Born in Los Angeles to Ronald Muldrow & Rickie Byars-Beckwith, Georgia was exposed to music at an early age. Her father, Ronald Muldrow, was an acclaimed Jazz musician most notably working as an instrumentalist on most of Eddie Harris's material. Her mother, Rickie Byars-Beckwith, is an acclaimed singer, composer & music director who's worked with the likes of Pharaoh Sanders, Roland Hanna, the New York Jazz Quartet. Rickie now leads up the Agape Choir in Los Angeles and is also a noted spiritual teacher with the New Thought movement, traveling around the world along with her husband and Agape founder Michael Beckwith. After graduating high school in Los Angeles, Georgia moved to New York to attend The New School, enrolling in their jazz program. It was there where she met fellow musicians and students Robert Glasper and Bilal, both of whom she's continued a strong relationship with and recorded music together. While in New York, Georgia also connected with the likes of Wajeed which led to her works on the critically acclaimed Platinum Pied Pipers' Triple P album. Although Georgia was creatively forming her style working with various esteemed musician, her surroundings led her into a bad state making her want to return to Los Angeles. On September 11, 2001, Georgia was on the NYC Subway crossing underneath the World Trade Center when the first plane hit. She experienced the mayhem and tragedy of that memorable day and the traumatic experience led her to finally make the move from New York back to her native city of Los Angeles. While back in Los Angeles, Georgia continued to work on her music working with various local producers such as Ras G, Dibiase & Sa-Ra. As her buzz in LA grew with her work with PPP and the local scene, she attracted the likes of major artists such as Erykah Badu & Mos Def, producing and appearing on their various works.

G&D's relationship came to fruition while Dudley was prepping for his Expressions release in 2006. After receiving various demos from local female vocalists, it was Georgia's who stuck with him. Shortly after he attended a show of Georgia's in LA and from that day forward, the two grew closer and discovered a kinship unlike any other. Georgia later went on to become Stones Throw's first female signee and released her critically acclaimed debut solo EP Worthnothings. The two then worked on her critically acclaimed Olesi album which was executive produced by Dudley Perkins. Dudley later went onto release his critically acclaimed album Expressions which only feature included Georgia on the track "Coming Home." Although the two grew closer mentally, spiritually and creatively, their struggle with alcoholism clouded their work and would eventually reach a breaking point. While driving with some friends up to a show, Dudley's body had enough and he ended up blacking out and being hospitalized. It was that night the two made a conscious decision to better their health and lives by quitting drinking and changing their diets. The incident was also a wake up call for Dudley who realized that many of the people around him were negative influences and truly didn't have his back like Georgia. It was at that point that Georgia & Dudley solidified their commitment to each other.

The two currently reside in Las Vegas, Nevada where they live, record, and raise their family. Both strict vegans, the couple have maintained a healthy lifestyle, strong family unit and connection to their Afrocentric roots, all of which they reflect in their music. After living together for several years and raising two of Dudley's children from a previous relationship, the two cemented their bond with the natural birth of their son Nokware Perkins at their home with a mid-wife in 2007. After being fed up with labels, the two decided to start their own label in 2009 and inked a deal with leading independent distributor eOne Entertainment. They would go onto to release their first release Ms. One Presents... a compilation of various tracks the two had produced with various artists. That would then follow with the simultaneous releases of Dudley Perkin's Holy Smokes album and Georgia's solo album Umsindo which featured the hit single

"Roses" which Mos Def would add to and include on his Grammy nominated The Ecstatic album. In 2011, Georgia released her experimental jazz instrumental album Ocotea under the alias of Jyoti, a name given to her by her spiritual mentor Alice Coltrane. Inspired by Alice and her father Ronald Muldrow, the album received critical acclaim in the press and would go on to be chosen by UK tastemaker Gilles Peterson as the Jazz Album Of The Year at his 2011 Worldwide Awards. Under his rap moniker Declaime, Dudley released his Quazedelic fonk inspired album FONK and the Georgia Anne Muldrow produced album Self Study. In 2012, Dudley connected with his long time friend Madlib to have him produce a record with Georgia handling the vocals. Up until that point Georgia had yet to release an album she hadn't produced herself. The album received rave reviews in the press and continues to garner new fans. The next release from the label is the second studio album from G&D entitled The Lighthouse, which will be released on May 21, 2013 via their own SomeOthaShip Connect record label.

Count Bass D

Count Bass D is the Gregory Hines of this Hip-hop music thing.

Some people DJ, others make beats. Heads everywhere spit lyrics—either off the dome or noted, and many are even recognized as true MC's who actually manage to rock a crowd here & there. A few folks get by juggling two or more facets; and even a small number happen to be classically or self-taught piano players, drummers and strummers. Count Bass D does it all. And the fact that he also does it well, makes him the best in the business, pound-for-pound.

Count has been working to prove this since his decade-old debut, Pre-Life Crisis (Sony), where he recorded the only live rap album to date using all live instrumentation. Not only did he compose every note, pen lyrics, contribute the cuts and scratches--but he played most of the instruments.

With the release of his third solo-project, Dwight Spitz (2002), Count had mastered the art of the MPC sampler and now contributed a raw reflection of traditional Hip-hop beats & rhymes. The underground market hailed it, as it captured the essence of the culture. Rolling Stone (February 2003), classified Dwight Spitz as a "headphone masterpiece."

BEGBORROWSTEEL (February 2005) contains elements of Dwight Spitz, but more refined and a touch more experimental. Though not as novel as Art For Sale (1997), BEGBORROWSTEEL is a clear example of a talented musician balancing rap music on his pinky finger. Most recently Count has released a mix CD, Some Music: The Producer's Cut (part 1) and an instrumental record, 2006: Some Music (part 2). Count Bass D is presently in A Cool, Dark Place plotting to take 2005 by storm with his next solo-effort and numerous collaborations.

In recent days, Count has worked with Futureman of Bela Fleck and the Flecktones on an innovative project. Recordings with songstress, Dionne Farris and Hip-hop producer, J. Rawls are in the can. Scheduled for next year are collaborations with comrades, MF DOOM, Insight, and writer, Oriana lee. In between time, Count continues to shower the industry with an abundance of head-nod beats and clever verses.

Someday. Somehow. He will be crowned. Pound-for-pound. The greatest alive.

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