Indie Week Canada 2016: Official VIP LAUNCH PARTY

Ascot Royals

Describing something as dirty, sweaty, and in your face, may not be the usual list of compliments one normally wishes for, but that’s exactly what the band thrives on hearing. The Ascot Royals bring their influences and differences, both cultural and musical, together with aspirations of finding something their own.
Manifesting itself in music bursting with strong, dancy beats, cheeky hooks, and dirty riffs, the term Dance Rock has Emerged.
With that in mind, and a commitment to live performance, the band prides itself in creating a party atmosphere, no matter how large or small the show.
Forming in Canada, the band now comprises of two British born brothers, Jimmy and Ben Chauveau, an Isreali born Tal Vaisman, and rural Ontario boy, Sam Stark. It is this cultural mosaic and shared devotion to music, that gives the Ascot Royals their stand alone sound. With kinetic hearts and humble souls, it comes with no wonder that anyone with an unquenched thirst for good times and good tunes will be compelled to take notice.

Grace Park

Born in Lubbock, Texas 1984

2002-2007 Studied voice at the Texas State School of Music

Grace Corinne Rowland’s family moved from her birthtown at a young age to Albuquerque, New Mexico, where she spent elementary school battling behavioral problems and attention deficit. Her mother, a speech therapist and her father an architect, Grace’s family was an enduring and patient support net for the budding artist. With their dedication, and that of her precocious older sister Jennifer, she was encouraged to create from the time she began exhbiting her gifts. Grace sang before she could talk and drew before she could write, devouring broadway musicals and comic books with constant attempts to reproduce them.

The family relocated to Marble Falls, Texas where they still remain. Grace’s formative years were spent singing in several choirs at church, school, & competition, and her visually-artistic skills continued to grow. Eventually she decided to focus on music for her university schooling, specializing in vocal education at Texas State. It was there she met her future bandmates, but she was shy about performing until an epiphany in 2005 that got her writing and singing professionally. By the time she graduated she was in her first touring band, The Blue Hit, writing most of their songs and designing all their album art. She later founded an Austin group called The Deer which she performs with and makes art for to this day. Grace won a 2014 Austin Music Industry Award for her artwork for The Deer’s first album, “An Argument for Observation”.

She began making cut paper art when she worked as a resident assistant in a dorm at school – she ran out of permanent marker ink and needed a different medium to make name signs for her residents. The medium stuck with her, and she began making large works and series for galleries.

Grace married in 2010 to Silas Parker, a multi-talented brewmaster, builder, and visionary who is currently building his brewery, Darkside Fermentation in San Marcos, Texas where they reside. He introduced her to Photoshop and helped her to increase her artistic range, ever encouraging her growth. In 2011 she began using the alias Grace Park and changed her name to Grace Corinne Rowland Parker. She and her husband are stewards of Thigh High Gardens, a permaculture farm established by their friend & partner Stephanie Bledsoe who passed away tragically in 2013. With much help from a vast community, they continue to develop the farm and build the brewery next door with gratitude and honor to the legacy of Stephanie.

Grace continues to display her original artwork in galleries, as well as design custom graphics for websites & marketing with a specialty in music-related media. Currently she is learning how to work with stained glass. She is also a full-time musician – aside from her main music project The Deer, she has performed and recorded with several acts including Alejandro Escovedo, MilkDrive, Roger Sellers, Abram Shook, Fire in the Pines, Jack Wilson, & more.

Joshua David

Joshua David has been performing in live music venues/bars since the age of 8. Through the years he has performed rock, blues, pop and in the past few years, has focused on country.

He quickly has become a local favourite and performs regularly, totalling more than 100 shows a year. He has performed the Kitchener Bluesfest 7 years in row and has performed alongside the likes of Juno award winning Steve Strongman, Rob Szabo, Shaun Kellerman, and members of the Western Swing Authority.

Joshua recently recorded 2 singles with Juno Award winning producer Dan Brodbeck (The Cranberries, Holly MacNarland, Helix) to be released October 2016 and December 2016 respectively. The plan is to create an annual Christmas event that grows yearly and attracts a new audience by building media awareness. A charity will be involved as well as a number of recognized sponsors.

November 2016 the plans are to work with CMAO award winning country producer, Jason Barry for a 6 song EP release in April 2017.

A full marketing plan will be executed with a single release late February, promotion throughout Jan - March, release in April with a Ontario tour to follow through June.

Joshua is a rare talent and has been recognized through international songwriting competitions and as a result he has worked in Nashville with established musicians/producers including Joey Floyd guitarist for Toby Keith. He also has gained the attention of Ralph Murphy (ASCAP).

Joshua David is quickly growing an audience outside of Kitchener and is working at becoming well known throughout Ontario.

hey! dw pumps out her signature bouncy British beats and deep house anthems. Spreading it on thick with a buttery blend of party licks and live drum solos she is sure to get your blood flowing. With her high-energy performances and iconic cheerleading uniform she is the DJ to watch in 2016.

Wuzi are a four piece group based in Leeds and were formed in 2015. They have a heavy style, taking influence from indie-pop, psychedelic, grunge and alt rock genres, and mixing them into their own sound.

$20.00 - $25.00


DOORS: 8:30pm • $20 ADV / $25 at the door
7:50 Caleb Lovely
8:15 Grace Park
8:45 Joshua David
9:15 Hey! DW
9:45 Wuzi (UK)
10:20 The Ascot Royals 



You’ll get the chance to meet the bands, hang with the judges and kick it with the VIPs!



- Entry to Indie Week Launch party at The Burroughes
- Entry to The Bovine Tues Nov 12 serving until 4am
- 1 beer ticket
- 1 liquor ticket


Indie Week thanks: Jack Daniel's, Mill Street Brewery, Slaight Music, Music Ontario, FACTOR, OMDC, ACTRA RACS TuneCore, Musicians' Rights Organization of Canada (MROC), Country Music Association of Ontario (CMAO), UPtrack Music, Long & McQuade, 94.9 The Rock, KX96 Country, NOW Magazine, Exclaim!, Ticketfly, Pearl Drums, D'Addario Canada, Sonicbids

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