Kishi Bashi

Kishi Bashi

A lush array of looping and vocal/violin gymnastics... Kishi Bashi's debut full-length, 151a, is a bright and soaring avant-pop record written primarily on violin - Kishi Bashi's main instrument which has brought him to record and tour with the likes of Regina Spector, Sondre Lerche, Alexi Murdoch, of Montreal and more.

Kishi Bashi collaborated with of Montreal's Kevin Barnes on that band's new album, Paralytic Stalks. This last endeavor he credits with some of his most recent musical growth, acknowledging that Barnes pushed him to new heights of creativity, forcing him to explore a broader use of his primary instrument: the violin. This experimentation affected his loop-based live show and led to him write more of the new record with violin rather than piano or guitar, loosening him from the grip of habit and expanding his palette. Kishi Bashi uses Japanese singing as another of many layers, doing so without any trace of gimmickry, and achieving what, to Western ears, must sound like an expression of the ineffable.

From the deconstructed doo-wop of "Wonder Woman, Wonder Me," a 21st century transmission of Smile-era Brian Wilson to the menacing marriage of Eastern hues and Western operatics in "Beat the Bright out of Me," this album is a mediation between opposing drives, offering possible reconciliation but never promising it. Kishi Bashi played and produced 151a entirely himself.

Tall Tall Trees

“Bearded man sings songs, violates banjo” – CMJ

The banjo has seen a resurgence in popularity in contemporary music lately, but there is no one who approaches the instrument quite like NYC based musician, Mike Savino. Performing under the name Tall Tall Trees, his music has evolved from a four piece band into a one man psychedelic folk orchestra over its 6 year lifespan. Savino has been turning heads with his innovative banjo skills – he uses a hyper-modified instrument dubbed the “banjotron” – looping, bowing, and drumming his way into the hearts of listeners around the world, including a recent appearance at the legendary Newport Folk Festival.

Savino has been touring for nearly two years nonstop in support of his 2012 album “moment” and as a member of indie pop violin virtuoso Kishi Bashi’s band. Tall Tall Trees’ latest release,The Seasonal EP, is a precursor to an upcoming full length album and sees Savino employing the skills he been honing on the road performing his energetic and oftentimes frenetic one man shows. According to the man himself, the new album will be “one of the most insane banjo records known to man”.

Archer Sounds

Archer Sounds stems from the foundational goals of collaboration, holding on and letting go with directional purpose. Visual and audio joining together coexisting, one inspiring the other. Please feel free to join in.

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